The national key science and technology program "Research and production of vaccines for human use by 2030"

Published on 04 - 10 - 2021

On 1/10/2021, the Prime Minister issued the Decision No. 1657/QD-TTg approving the national key science and technology program "Research and production of vaccines for human use by 2030".

According to the Decision, the objective of the Program is to study and master the technology of producing vaccines for human use (hereinafter referred to as vaccines); raise the level and capacity of domestic vaccine research and production organizations and enterprises, ready to deal with newly arising epidemics; strive for 100% of domestic vaccines to meet standards equivalent to the international ones, ensuring for the Expanded Immunization Program and a number of other vaccines; gradually bring Vietnamese vaccines to the international market; by 2025, mastering the production technology of 10 types of vaccines and producing at least 03 types of vaccines; by 2030, mastering the technology of producing 15 types of vaccines and producing at least 05 types of vaccines.

The main tasks and solutions are as follows:

- To research, perfect mechanisms and policies, and review, amend and supplement legal regulations to promote research, testing and licensing of domestically produced vaccines. In particular, research and develop its own policies to meet the requirements of flexibility in responding to pandemic vaccines.

- To promote research and application of new, advanced, and traditional technologies, prioritizing mRNA technology, recombinant protein technology, virus vector technology, etc. to serve the production of Covid-19 vaccines, cancer vaccines, multi-component vaccines and other ones to meet the needs of the epidemic prevention and control.

+ To deploy research tasks to master vaccine production technology.

+ To import new and advanced technologies for research and production of vaccines and decode, master and improve technologies suitable to Vietnam's actual conditions.

+ To cooperate in research, enhance information exchange with reputable foreign experts and scientific and technological organizations in order to solve domestic science and technology problems; form research groups capable of absorbing, mastering, perfecting and creating technologies to serve the goal of vaccine production.

+ To prioritize investment in purchase of ownership rights, use rights and technology know-how; hire foreign experts and consultants to support research and development of vaccine products.

- To support to improve the potential of vaccine research and production: Training and fostering research and technical human resources capable of applying, mastering technology through the implementation of tasks under the Program; attracting support from international organizations and developed countries to train human resources for vaccine development activities; upgrading and investing in new technical equipment to serve research, measurement and testing activities through the tasks under the Program; organizing national and international scientific conferences and seminars on vaccine research and production.

- To implement specific mechanisms to support vaccine research and production:

+ Organizations and enterprises engaged in technological research and transfer for vaccine production are entitled to preferential policies such as national products, high-tech products prioritized for development investment and technologies encouraged to transfer.

+ For the vaccines against pandemic, a maximum support of 100% of funding is available for research, clinical trials, trial production, testing, insurance, and financial support for volunteers.

+ To continue to consider and support in this Program the vaccines approved in the National Product Development Program and the vaccines expected to be deployed in the projects of the Health sector.

In addition, the Decision also stipulates the budget and organization for the implementation of the Program.


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