To emulate in working and production

Published on 20 - 01 - 2021

The 13th National Party Congress will officially open in a few days. This is a great political event of the Party and the nation. The cadres, Party members and people are giving special attention, following, expecting and giving high expectations on the success of the Congress. In agencies, businesses, the fields, or works from urban to rural areas, cadres, Party members and all classes of people in the province are trying their best to emulate in production and working to gain achievements to celebrate the 13th National Party Congress. They are found radiant smiles and deep faith in the leadership of the Party to continue dedicating their efforts to contribute to building the homeland and the country.

Workers of Hung Yen Garment Corporation – Joint Stock Company emulate in working and manufacturing

In order to contribute to the achievements of celebrating the 13th National Party Congress, cadres, officials and workers in the province demonstrate the determination, patriotism, belief in the Party by actions, specific and practical work. On this occasion, the trade unions at all levels in the province have mobilized all trade union members, cadres, workers and officials to respond to the emulation movement of good laborer, creative laborer ... The trade unions at grassroots launch emulation movements in accordance with their functions, tasks and occupations.

At Hung Yen Garment Corporation - Joint Stock Company, thousands of employees of the company rush into working and enthusiastically emulate in working. Mrs. Pham Thi Phuong Hoa, General Director of the company, said: The company's garment products are currently mainly exported to the EU and Asian markets. With the desire to contribute to the socio-economic development of the province and the country, the company is always interested in promoting production and business, increasing income for employees, fulfilling tax obligations and contributing to the construction of local infrastructure. To celebrate the 13th National Party Congress, the trade union launches the labor emulation movement, each production line and team set out the goals to strive to complete the products volume early, there are many high quality products. At Merap Group Joint Stock Company, located in Tan Tien commune (Van Giang), the workforce is enthusiastically emulating in working. On this occasion, along with the labor emulation movements launched by the company to welcome the 13th National Party Congress, the company has organized a football tournament for workers in the company, thereby creating a cheerful and exciting atmosphere for workers after working hours, contributing to motivating to strive to complete production plans.

Along with industrial production, these days, the agricultural and rural development sector and local farmers strive to emulate in production and working to prepare food sources for Tan Suu Lunar New Year and good conditions for production of spring rice crop. In An Thi, Phu Cu, Tien Lu and Kim Dong districts ... farmers are focusing on caring for and harvesting winter vegetables. Along with winter crop production, farmers in Khoai Chau, Van Giang and Van Lam districts focus on taking care of fruit trees, flowers and ornamental plants for the market in Tet holiday.

Farmers in Van Giang district prepare ornamental kumquat to serve the market during Tet holiday

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Tuan in Me So commune (Van Giang) could not hide his joy: “Implementing the policy of changing the plant structure of the commune, my family has switched to growing ornamental plants, each year, earning from 200 to 300 million VND. Currently, my family has more than 1 thousand ornamental kumquat and orange trees, which have been formed. If the weather is favorable, it will be earned about 400 to 500 million VND from the garden. From the movement of converting rice land to planting fruit trees and ornamental plants, the farmers in the commune have had the opportunity to change their lives, many households have become billionaires ”.

Mr. Nguyen Van Trang, Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said: With the determination to improve the efficiency in agricultural production, in the coming time, the agricultural and rural development sector will continue to advise the province to issue the mechanisms and policies to support farmers in production, focus resources on building infrastructure for agricultural production; encourage and create good conditions for enterprises to invest in the production of plant varieties and animals to serve the needs of farmers in the province; promote the activities of market studying and research, trade promotion associated with each commodity product; support to build and develop brands of agricultural products with strengths of the province...

In Hung Yen city, there are large propaganda panels to welcome the Congress at the city's gateways. All the roads and streets are splendidly decorated with flags, fluttering flowers, high pressure lamps, decorative lighting; panels, posters, banners, propaganda slogans, red flags with a central yellow star, flags with hammer and sickle, which are hung along the streets. In front of every house, agency or unit, there are colorful flags and welcoming banners. The whole Hung Yen city is brilliant and welcoming to the big festival. Over the past few days, hundreds of officers and workers of Hung Yen Environment and Urban Works Joint Stock Company have cleaned and decorated the city appearance freshly, cleanly and beautifully. The company has planted thousands of square meters of decorative flower carpets in the median strip of roads and main streets and central areas; repaired and replaced many lights, decorative lights. In addition, the company has also organized overtime working to carry out environmental sanitation.

Along with the labor-production emulation of the workforce, farmers, the contingent of cadres, Party members, civil servants and public employees in state agencies have promoted movements and emulation for learning and working with the spirit of creativity and innovation; determined to work with agencies and units to successfully complete the assigned tasks and plans in the first days and first months of the new year 2021.

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