The teleconference on the Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control

Published on 15 - 08 - 2020

On August 14, the Provincial Steering Committee for the Covid-19 Prevention and Control (the Provincial Steering Committee) held a teleconference on the implementation of the Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control to districts, towns, city, communes, and wards in the province.

At the provincial destination, the conference was attended and chaired by Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Standing Deputy Head of the Provincial Steering Committee. It drew the participation of comrades in the Provincial Standing Committee: Mrs. Tran Thi Thanh Thuy, Head of the Provincial Party Committee for Propaganda and Education; Colonel Nguyen Chi Cong, Chief of the Provincial Military Command ...

Delegates attend the conference at the provincial destination

According to the report of the Provincial Steering Committee, as of 4 p.m. on August 13, in the whole province, 1,718 people are being isolated, of which 35 people at medical facilities, 220 people at the province's centralized isolation facilities, 33 people at the districts' facilities, 217 people at the hotels and 1,213 people at home.

Reviewing the outbreak of Da Nang and the provinces with the cases positive with Covid-19, from July 25 to now, the whole province has focused on checking and verifying 4,627 people; currently, there are 322 people in less than 14 days of isolation, it continues to be reviewed. The Provincial Center for Disease Control and the districts' Health Centers have urgently taken 270 samples for testing, of which 267 samples are negative results, and 3 samples have not got results. 242 people were tested quickly with 100% negative results. 28 high-risk subjects have been reviewed.

Regarding the patient No. 785 who is the Director of Nipponham Food Joint Stock Company in Thang Long Industrial Park II (My Hao town), right after receiving the information about the case, the company staff is quickly listed, to inform the whole province to review; localize and spray disinfection at the company and in the family of close contacts, to shut down and isolate the company. 1,005 people have been reviewed and 927 people related to the patient No. 785 are quarantined. The Provincial Center for Disease Control has collected 87 samples for testing, the results are 100% negative.

The separation, examination and treatment work at medical establishments is strictly carried out. Logistics in service of epidemic prevention are concerned by all levels, branches and localities.

At the conference, delegates proposed such contents as: the review of subjects related to Covid-19 infected patients; the inspection and examination of epidemic prevention and control in localities; to ensure material foundations for centralized isolation; to install Bluezone software on smartphones to help early warning of people in close contact with Covid-19 patients ...

Addressing the conclusion of the conference, Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee asked all levels, branches and localities to strictly comply with the guiding documents of the Central and the province in the Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control; to quickly review and trace F1, F2, and F3 cases related to the patient No. 785. Localities need to quickly re-start the prevention and control teams in the villages, towns, especially the anti-epidemic team at offices and enterprises in the industrial parks. Provinces around our province have had cases of Covid-19 infection, therefore, branches and localities need to check each house, each subject with all cases at risk of infection in order not to spread the epidemic in the community. The inspection and examination are strictly implemented. Health facilities must pay special attention to separation right from the time people come for medical examination, especially the cases with symptoms of cough and fever ... in order to prevent the epidemic from spreading in medical facilities. The Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee asked cadres, Party members and people to wear masks when arriving at a crowded place, halt karaoke bar activities and recommended people to limit movement, only go out when it is necessary. The media have strengthened propaganda to contribute to raising awareness of people in epidemic prevention and control; for people to voluntarily go to the nearest medical facility to get health advice and care when they have unusual signs such as cough, fever, and make medical declarations when they go from epidemic areas to their localities.


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