Minh Duc Industrial Park

Published on 22 - 05 - 2017



Geographical location 


▪ Located in Km32 National Highway 5 (Hanoi-Hai Phong);

▪ 35 km from the center of Hanoi (about 45 minutes by car);

▪ 58 km from Noi Bai International Airport (about 60 minutes by car);

▪ 65 km from Hai Phong port (about 65 minutes by car), 105 km from Quang Ninh port (about 100 minutes by car);

▪ 15 km from Lac Dao Railway Station (Ha Noi - Hai Phong).


▪ Located in My Hao district, Hung Yen province.

Planning map 


Planning area

▪ Total planning area: 198 ha;

▪ Industrial land for lease: 138 ha.

▪ The leased area: 39 ha.

▪ The remaining area for lease: 99 ha.

Land rental and service charges

▪ Estimated land rental:  Approximately US $ 60 m2 / year

▪ Other fees: According to the regulations of the IP

▪ Electricity fee: In line with the regulations of EVN.

Term of land lease

▪ To January 18, 2057.

Field of investment attraction

▪ Manufacture and assembly of electrical, electronic and refrigeration equipment; production of paper, packaging, ceramics; processing of agro-forestry and food; production of consumer goods; light industry.


Currently, procedures for land recovery are being carried out and the infrastructure in the IP is being built.

Social infrastructure and advantages

▪Customs: Hung Yen customs – clearance station is located 7km away from the industrial park.

▪ Bank: The system of commercial banks is located near the IP.

▪ Post office: The district post office is about 4 km away from the industrial park, ready to meet the needs of enterprises in the industrial park.

▪ Hospital: My Hao district medical center (4 km away from the IP), Pho Noi General Hospital (10 km away from the IP).

Investment incentives

▪ Corporate income tax:

- To enjoy a tax rate of 10% within 15 years and a tax exemption for 4 years, a 50% reduction of the payable tax amount for 9 subsequent years, for income from the implementation of new investment projects in a number of preferential investment fields in accordance with the law on enterprise income tax.

- To enjoy a tax rate of 17% and a tax exemption for 2 years, a 50% reduction of the payable tax amount for 4 subsequent years, for income from the implementation of new investment projects in a number of fields such as high-grade steel production; production of energy-saving products; production of machinery and equipment servicing for agricultural, forestry, fishery and salt production; production of irrigation equipment; production and refining of animal feed, poultry, seafood.....

-  Corporate income tax is exempted for 2 years and to reduce 50% of payable tax amount for 4 subsequent years for enterprises implementing new investment projects in the IP.

▪ Import tax: Investment projects in the IP are exempted from import tax on imported goods to create fixed assets in accordance with the Law on Export and Import Duties.

Investment attraction

▪ The IP has received 6 foreign-invested projects and 25 domestic investment projects.



▪ Investor:  VNT Infrastructure Development Investment Joint Stock Company.

- Address: Minh Duc Industrial Park, My Hao district, Hung Yen province.

- Tel: (+ 84-4) 9366.868; 9365.326

- Contact person: Mr. Phong






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