Ly Thuong Kiet Industrial Park

Published on 16 - 08 - 2022



Geographical location 


30 km from the center of Hanoi; about 70 km from Hai Phong port; 115 km from Quang Ninh seaport, next to the National Highway 39; Hanoi - Hai Phong highway; and the route connecting Hanoi - Hai Phong expressway with Gie Bridge - Ninh Binh expressway, very convenient in terms of transportation to trade with important urban areas such as: Hanoi, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Thai Binh, Hai Duong


▪ Located in Yen My, An Thi, Khoai Chau districts, Hung Yen province.

Planning map 



Planning area

▪ Total planning area: 300 ha;

▪ Industrial land for lease: 214 ha.

Field of investment attraction

Production and assembly of electrical, electronic, and refrigeration equipment, products from new and high technology serving the electronics, information technology and new energy industries. Manufacturing, mechanical engineering, machinery and equipment manufacturing, mechanical assembly. The supporting industry serves the manufacturing of automobiles, motorcycles, machinery and equipment, and household appliances. Logistics, transportation services, warehousing, product display and introduction.


The procedure of the decision on investment policy is being carried out by investor

Social infrastructure and advantages

▪ Bank: The system of commercial banks is located near the IP.

▪ Hospital: Khoai Chau and Yen My medical centers are located 5-7 km from the IP.

Investment incentives

▪ Corporate income tax:

- To enjoy a tax rate of 10% within 15 years and a tax exemption for 4 years, a 50% reduction of the payable tax amount for 9 subsequent years, for income from the implementation of new investment projects in a number of preferential investment fields in accordance with the law on enterprise income tax.

- To enjoy a tax rate of 17% and a tax exemption for 2 years, a 50% reduction of the payable tax amount for 4 subsequent years, for income from the implementation of new investment projects in a number of fields such as high-grade steel production; production of energy-saving products; production of machinery and equipment servicing for agricultural, forestry, fishery and salt production; production of irrigational equipment; production and refining of animal feed, poultry, seafood.....

-  Corporate income tax is exempted for 2 years and to reduce 50% of payable tax amount for 4 subsequent years for enterprises implementing new investment projects in the IP.

▪ Import tax: Investment projects in the IP are exempted from import tax on imported goods to create fixed assets in accordance with the Law on Export and Import Duties.


▪ Investor:   VIDIFI Industrial Park Development Number One Joint Stock Company.

- Address: 279 Dien Bien II, Quang Trung ward, Hung Yen city, Hung Yen province.

- Contact person: Mr. Ngo Viet Cuong; Tel: (+84-221) 6251008








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