Population and Labor

Published on 16 - 04 - 2014

According to the census in 1999, Hung Yen province had a population of 1,071,973 people. The population density was 1.161 people per km2, higher than the average population density in the Red River Delta and five times higher than the country’s average. 91.5% of Hung Yen’s population lives in rural area, and the rest in urban area.

Among 10 districts and town:

     * Khoai Chau was the most populous area with a population of 186.102 people.

     * Hung Yen town was the least populous area with a population of 77. 398 people but it had the highest population density with 1,654 people per sq. km.

     * Phu Cu had the lowest population density with 938 people per sq. km.

The rate of natural increase was 1% per year.

There were 57 ten thousand young workers with high education level, accounting for 51% of the provincial population. The labourers who not only had technical training, but also worked hard and creatively, reached 25%.

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