Land and Terrain

Published on 16 - 04 - 2014

Located in the center of Northern Delta, Hung Yen’s terrain is relatively flat, with no hills and mountains. It slopes down in North-southern and West-eastern direction, with the slope of 14cm/km, and is alternated by frequently flooded hollows (swamps, lakes, ponds and low lying rice fields). Different land elevation creates high and low strips, zones and areas, which are alternated like waves.

The highest point shows elevation codes from 9 to 10 found at the alluvial land area of Xuan Quan commune, Van Giang district, the lowest point at 0.9 code locates at Tien Tien commune, Phu Cu district.

Geological characteristics.

Hung Yen Province is located in a sunken area in the Red River Delta and has been formed by the sediments of the Quaternary period, with the depth of 150m - 160m.

Soil characteristics.

The land has been formed by the accretion of the Red River’s silt. The mechanized composition of the soil, from natural to mixed soil, which gets aluminous, can be divided into three types:

     * The inner-dyke alluvial land is a fertile land with dark brown color, neutral reaction, and light acidity.

  * The outside-dyke alluvial land, which is not deposited by the Red River, has thick alluvium layer. The mechanized composition of the soil has neutral reaction and light acidity.

    * The Red River’s silt layer with patchy floor, which is not deposited by the Red River, has light brown color and thin alluvial layer. The mechanized composition of the soil has strong clayish component. Its organic chemical is decomposed slowly so it is aluminous.

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