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Published on 16 - 04 - 2014

Hung Yen belongs to tropical monsoon area. There are distantly four seasons in a year. The winter is cold, the summer is hot and humid, the spring and autumn have a temperate climate. The average temperature is about 22 – 23oC and the humidity fluctuates greatly, ranging from 80% to 90 %.

1. Rain.

    * The total average annual rainfall in Hung Yen ranges between 1.500mm and 1.600mm.

    * The average rainfall during rainy season varies from 1,200 mm to 1,300 mm, accounting for 80-85 % of Hung Yen’s total annual rainfall.

    * The average rainfall during dry season varies from 200 to 300 mm, accounting for about 15-20 % of Hung Yen’s total annual rainfall.

    * The average number of rainy days per year is about 140-150 days, 60-65 of which are drizzle days.

    * In addition, there are also rainstorms which are unexpected heavy rains with lightning and strong wind occur from February to November, mostly from May to September.

2. Sunshine.

    * The average annual luminosity is around 1640-1650 hours.

    * The hot season lasts from May to October with the luminosity of about 1080-1100 hours.

    * The cold season lasts from November to April next year with the luminosity of about 500-520 hours.

    * The highest monthly luminosity is 268 hours (on May, 1974).

    * The lowest monthly luminosity is 6.8 hours (on February, 1988).

3. Temperature.

The average annual temperature is 23.2oC and it is nearly similar in all places of the province.

    * In summer, the average temperature is 27.3oC.

    * In winter, the average temperature is 19.1oC.

    * The total average thermal build up 8400-8500oC.

    * The total average temperature in hot season is 4800-5000oC.

    * The total average temperature in cold season is 3300-3500oC.

4. Humidity.

    * The average annual humidity is 80-90 %.

    * The highest level of humidity occurs in February.

    * The lowest level of humidity occurs in November and December.

5.  Water evaporation

The volume of evaporated water depends much on the sunshine and wind in Hung Yen. The total average volume of evaporated water is 8730mm, with the highest volume of 144.9 mm on July, 1961 and the lowest volume of 20.8 mm on February, 1988.

6. Wind.

There are two main kinds of wind: the winter monsoon comes from the northeast from September to March next year while the summer monsoon comes from the southeast from March to July.

    * Southeast wind occurs mainly during the year, and then the northeast one. The winds from other directions occur randomly with a low frequency.

    * The highest wind speed was recorded in Hung Yen at 40 m / s in the southwest direction on May, 22nd, 1978.

7. Storm season.

Although every year, storms and tropical depressions do not hit directly into Hung Yen like in the coastal provinces, their impact is very large. The rainfall caused by the hurricane accounts for 15-20 % of the total annual rainfall. Storm season lasts from May to November, and the highest frequency of storm occurs in July, August and September.

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