Attractive eco-tourism space in the ripe longan season

Hung Yen's longan is in the main harvest season. This year, when the Covid-19 epidemic is basically under control and tourism activities are reopened, a lot of domestic and international tourists have come to the "land of longan" to visit the fruitful longan gardens and enjoy the delicious taste of the famous fruit from near and far considered as " The specialty to offer the King".

The group of overseas Vietnamese guests enjoys taking photos at the longan garden in Tan Hung commune (Hung Yen city).

With more than 1,100ha of longan, that are concentrated in such communes as: Hong Nam, Phuong Chieu, Tan Hung..., Hung Yen city is known as the "capital of longan" of the province. At this time, longan is in full bloom, many tourists in the provinces and cities in the country and abroad have chosen to come here to visit the fruitful longan gardens. Many gardeners are also ready to open their doors to welcome visitors from near and far...

Taking the souvenir photos when coming to the land of longan, Ms. Le Thi Kim Duong from Hanoi expressed: This is the first time I have come to Hung Yen to travel, I can go to the garden to pick and enjoy ripe sweet and fragrant longan… The feeling of striding in the orchard laden with fruits, enjoying the fresh air and the ripe longan fruit is unforgettable. Hung Yen's longan has a special taste, Hung Yen people are extremely friendly and hospitable. I have ordered 1 quintal of longan to bring back to Hanoi as a gift and in the next year's longan crop I will return here with relatives and friends.

For many years now, Quyet Thang specialty fruit cooperative, Tan Hung commune (Hung Yen city) has become a familiar address to welcome many groups of tourists to visit when the longan is ripe. Mr. Tran Van My, director of the cooperative said: Since the beginning of the longan season, the cooperative has welcomed about 10 groups of tourists to visit, each group has 5-50 people, coming from provinces and cities such as Thanh Hoa, Quang Ninh, Nam Dinh, Tuyen Quang, Hanoi... There are also international delegations from countries such as Singapore, Japan, France, Germany... The tourists book in advance through the cooperative's contact phone number, which is posted on the Internet and usually arrive on weekends. Visitors are led by cooperative members to visit large-scale longan orchards with selected quality fruit, produced according to VietGAP process. All groups are served free drinking water and enjoy longan in the garden. Usually guests coming here have the need to order longan to take home as a gift, we will directly pick the longan in the garden, they will witness the harvest of the farmer.

Hung Yen currently grows nearly 5,000 ha of longan, mainly in Khoai Chau, Tien Lu, Kim Dong districts, Hung Yen city. At this time, growers in the province are focusing on harvesting the main season. Although they are quite busy with harvesting, gardeners in the province still welcome guests to visit and experience. Thereby creating a good impression in the hearts of tourists about the land and people of the longan land.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hung living in Gia Lam district (Hanoi City) said: At the end of July, I took my family to visit some historical and cultural relics and longan garden in Khoai Chau district. Coming to the garden, we can see that Hung Yen's longan has many varieties and flavors to choose from, especially when you can manually choose each bunch of ripe longan and enjoy right at the garden. This experiential trip not only helps my children have a memorable summer, but also helps them understand more about the products of the country.

Ms. Thuy, the owner of a longan garden in An Canh village, Ham Tu commune (Khoai Chau) said: From the beginning of July until now, the gardener has welcomed about 20 groups of visitors from many provinces and cities... When entering the garden, visitors are very pleased. Any group of guests who comes also buys longan as gifts. Therefore, I can both consume the product and promote Hung Yen's longan.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Sen, Director of the Tourism Promotion Information Center (the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism) said: Hung Yen is a province with potential to develop eco-tourism, including the activities of visiting, experiencing and enjoying longan at gardens. This type of business developed about 5 years ago, then interrupted due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. This year, tourism activities reopen when the epidemic is under control, visitors coming to the province to experience this activity will increase. Currently, most gardens are open to visitors for free. Visitors will experience harvesting activities and enjoy longan at the garden, thereby helping gardeners have more channels to consume fresh longan products, contributing to promoting Hung Yen's longan products to many consumers.

However, this type of tourism has only developed spontaneously and in small numbers, with no connection with other tourism destinations in the province, no organizational and management model, and it is difficult to control the quality of services provided to guests, the efficiency is not high... Professional sectors, tourism business units and gardeners need to coordinate closely and comprehensively; at the same time investing in facilities and infrastructure to serve tourism, help people promote and train human resources. Along with that, the gardeners continue to improve the quality of longan, focus on food hygiene and safety, and decorate a clean and beautiful longan garden...