Hung Yen: Customs - Business Dialogue Conference in 2022

On June 8, Hung Yen Customs Branch held a Customs - Business dialogue conference in 2022. In the attendance were Mr. Tran Quoc Van, Deputy Party Secretary, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee; Mr. Dang Ngoc Quynh, Member of the Provincial Standing Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee; leaders of a number of provincial departments and branches; leaders of Hai Phong Customs Department and representatives of more than 200 enterprises with import and export activities in the province.

At the conference

Over the past time, Hung Yen Customs Branch has conducted many contents to support businesses such as: Propagating policies and legal regulations on customs inspection and supervision, tax, value, origin of goods, risk management, handling of administrative violations in the field of customs; carrying out newly issued administrative procedures in the field of customs; expanding the method of electronic tax payment and customs clearance 24/7; guiding and supporting enterprises to obey and improve their capacity to comply with the law; equipping with knowledge about customs procedures according to the actual needs of businesses. In the province, there are more than 500 representatives of businesses who interact daily with customs authorities via Zalo group.

At the conference, representatives of businesses heard representatives of Hung Yen Customs Branch disseminate a number of documents related to customs work; guide to collect import and export tax electronically.

At the conference, representatives of a number of businesses asked questions about such main contents as: The procedures for importing raw materials and machinery, changing the purpose of using imported materials; building workers' houses and kindergartens for workers' children; providing vocational training for workers; applying digital conversion; the procedures for destruction of imported materials; E-invoice issuance…

Business representatives ask questions at the conference

Enterprises' questions were answered by provincial leaders, leaders of provincial departments and branches and Hung Yen Customs Branch in detail, fully and in accordance with their authority.

Speaking at the conference, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Tran Quoc Van affirmed the important role of businesses in the province's socio-economic development, contributing to ensuring social security in the area. He emphasized that this conference is one of the conferences of provincial leaders and functional agencies to meet thematically to dialogue with businesses to deploy solutions to support and remove difficulties and obstacles for businesses. The province always accompanies and joins hands to remove difficulties and obstacles, cares about supporting businesses, creating favorable conditions so as not to interrupt or disrupt the supply chain of raw materials for production and business of enterprises. The difficulties and problems of enterprises will be solved timely by the province and in accordance with the provisions of law. Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Tran Quoc Van highly appreciated Hung Yen Customs Branch for holding a dialogue with businesses, and expressed his wish that Hai Phong Customs Department and Hung Yen Customs Branch would continue to promote the administrative procedures, attract businesses to carry out customs procedures, contributing to increasing State budget revenue from import and export activities.