Information on the number of Covid-19 cases in Hung Yen province (The news at 6p.m on January 17, 2022)

In the 4th outbreak, from April 29, 2021 to present, in the whole province there are 11,198 positive cases (excluding the ones that are quarantined immigrants).
From October 15, 2021 to now, the province has recorded 10,901 infected cases.
In the past two weeks, the average number of infections per day is 349 cases.

In the past 24 hours, there are 675 positive cases (seeing an increase of 270 cases as compared to the previous day), of which 275 cases are detected by RT-PCR method and 400 cases are detected by antigen rapid test method, at An Thi (35 cases), Khoai Chau (31 cases), Kim Dong (09 cases), My Hao (63 cases), Phu Cu (27 cases), Tien Lu (161 cases), Van Lam (149 cases), Van Giang (65 cases), Hung Yen city (18 cases), Yen My (110 cases), Hung Ha General Hospital (05 cases), Tropical Diseases Hospital (01 case), Union University's isolation facility (01 case), specifically as follows:

- Cases recorded at An Thi (35 cases): Of which, there are 06 cases tested in the community, 02 cases related to Ngoc Te company (Tien Lu), 03 cases returning from Hanoi and 24 cases are F1 who have been isolated. .

- Cases recorded in Khoai Chau (31 cases): Of which, there are 06 cases tested in the community, 05 cases returning from epidemic provinces, a cluster of 17 workers of HBI company (Dan Tien) and 03 cases are F1 and already isolated.

- Cases recorded in Kim Dong (09 cases): Of which, 04 cases have returned from the epidemic provinces and 05 cases recorded in the isolation area.

- Cases recorded in My Hao (63 cases): Of which 11 cases are recorded in the community, 03 cases returning from epidemic provinces and 49 cases recorded in isolation and blockade areas.

- Cases recorded in Phu Cu (27 cases): 21 cases are related to the outbreak of Ngoc Te company (Tien Lu), 01 case related to Tien Hung garment company, 03 cases in the community and 02 cases are F1 and already isolated.

- Cases recorded in Tien Lu (161 cases): Of which, 150 cases are related to the outbreak of Ngoc Te company (Tien Lu), 07 cases related to Tien Hung garment company and 04 cases are F1 and already isolated.

- Cases recorded in Hung Yen city (18 cases): Of which 04 cases are recorded in the community, 02 cases returning from epidemic areas, 02 cases related to garment companies with F0 and 10 cases are isolated F1.

- Cases recorded in Van Giang (65 cases): Of which, there are 05 cases in the community, 04 cases related to the Hanoi outbreak, 30 cases in the isolation area and 26 cases from epidemic areas.

- Cases recorded in Van Lam (149 cases): Of which 12 cases are recorded in the community, 36 cases tested at medical facilities in the area and 101 cases are isolated F1, related to the company with F0.

- Cases recorded in Yen My (110 cases): Of which 27 cases in the community and 83 cases recorded in isolation and blockade areas in the area.

- Cases recorded at Hung Ha General Hospital (05 cases): The patients who came for testing and found positive are all workers of Ngoc Te shoe company.

- Case recorded at the Union University's isolation facility (01 case) is F1 in the isolation area. 

Source: Department of Health