Development of services in industrial parks

Published on 02 - 06 - 2023

Currently, the whole province has 17 industrial parks (IPs) with a total area of more than 4.3 thousand hectares, of which, 8/17 IPs have been put into operation and received investment projects, including: Pho Noi A Industrial Park, Pho Noi Textile and Garment Industrial Park, Thang Long Industrial Park II, Minh Duc Industrial Park, Yen My II Industrial Park, Yen My Industrial Park, Minh Quang Industrial Park and Clean Industrial Park. In order to meet the increasing needs of businesses, over the past time, the province has always paid attention to directing functional agencies and units to constantly improve service quality, contributing to promoting the development of enterprises.

Pho Noi 110kV transformer station ensures power supply for production and business activities of enterprises in Pho Noi A Industrial Park

According to the report of the Management Board of Industrial Parks of the province, by the end of May 2023, the province's industrial zones have more than 521 valid investment projects, including: 287 foreign-invested projects with total registered capital of USD 5.6 billion and 234 projects with domestic investment capital with a total registered capital of more than 33.1 trillion VND. The number of projects that have been put into operation is 446 projects, other projects are continuing to invest in construction. The total number of employees working at enterprises in industrial zones is about 78,000 people. Currently, the implementation of the province's commitments to investors, including many commitments on services to serve businesses, has basically met the requirements of businesses. Infrastructure services are provided to the foot of the enterprise fence and are increasingly improved in quality, basically meeting the needs of production and business activities of enterprises. Industrial zones have been invested in 110kV station to get electricity from the national grid for production of enterprises. Along with that, the enterprise's specialized substations are also installed with an automatic recloser to disconnect the substations when there is a problem to ensure a stable and regular power supply to the power grid.

Currently, industrial zones have invested in building a rainwater collection system running along the internal road and draining to the surrounding existing irrigational canals. Investment and business units of industrial park infrastructure have implemented synchronous construction of traffic safety items according to regulations on roads, such as signs, signals, painted lines, speed humps; regularly maintained and repaired the system of roads, lights and trees to meet the needs of businesses.

In addition, telecommunications and information technology units have renovated and upgraded telecommunications systems in industrial zones to ensure information security for businesses. Along with that, the banking system, financial and credit institutions have set up transaction offices around the industrial zones, increased the installation of ATMs at businesses and roads in the industrial zones to create favorable conditions for businesses and employees to use banking and financial services. Goods transport services, public buses serving workers are also maintained…

In order to meet the demand for labor resources for businesses, over the past time, the province has paid attention to consolidating and arranging the network of vocational education institutions in the direction of focusing on key occupations. Vocational colleges and vocational schools focus on training to improve the quality of human resources. The province also focuses on effectively implementing labor training programs for Japanese and Korean enterprises in the direction of linking training with the needs of enterprises. To evaluate the quality of services serving businesses in industrial zones of the province, Mr. Le Anh Dung, Deputy General Director of Hop Luc Construction Joint Stock Company (Hanoi) said: Compared with many years ago, the quality of services in Hung Yen's industrial zones have been significantly improved, especially roads, electricity supply services, water drainage systems and security and order maintenance.

Mr. Pham Truong Tam, Head of the Management Board of the Industrial Parks of the province said: Currently, the quality of services serving businesses in the industrial zones of the province has basically gradually met the requirements of businesses.. Most of the industrial zones of the province that are operating already have centralized wastewater treatment stations with a total treatment capacity of more than 30,000m3/day. All industrial zones are equipped with automatic monitoring systems and data connection with state management agencies. The system of lighting, trees, environmental sanitation and landscape in the IPs basically meets the requirements... However, a number of services serving businesses in the IPs are still limited such as: Water supply and drainage infrastructure are not up to the request; some wastewater collection and treatment stations have low capacity and unsatisfactory quality; some secondary enterprises have not well complied with the treatment, collection and transportation of wastewater and solid waste. Along with that, the construction of housing areas for employees working in industrial zones is still limited, transportation and shuttle services for workers have not been developed much, and there are not many bus routes to the industrial zones...

Thang Long Industrial Park II's infrastructure is synchronously invested to meet the service needs of enterprises in the industrial park

In the coming time, the province will continue to focus on prioritizing the development of increasingly rich, diversified and professional service areas, serving the activities of enterprises in industrial zones. In particular, focus on building mechanisms and policies to attract and call for investment in housing construction projects for workers; develop mechanisms and policies to encourage and socialize transportation services for workers in industrial zones; promote training to improve human resources to meet the labor demand of enterprises in the IPs… To direct departments and branches to regularly inspect, supervise and urge the infrastructure business units of the IPs to maintain and repair traffic systems, lights, sanitation, drainage systems, tree trimming... in order to better meet the needs of enterprises in industrial zones.

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