The Decision of the Prime Minister approving the Strategy for the development of mechanization of agriculture and agro-forestry-fishery processing until 2030

Published on 28 - 07 - 2022

On 20/7/2022, the Prime Minister issued the Decision No. 858/QD-TTg approving the Strategy for the development of mechanization of agriculture and agro-forestry-fishery processing until 2030.

According to the Decision, the overall goal of the Strategy is to ensure productivity, quality, economic and social efficiency, and protect the agricultural environment in mechanized concentrated commodity agricultural production areas; develop modern, efficient and sustainable agricultural product processing, meet the needs and regulations of the consumption market; strive to turn Vietnam into a processing center for agricultural products ranking in the top 10 countries in the world by 2030.

The detail goals are as follows

+ The agricultural mechanization for each production field:

- Cultivation: Production of key crops reach over 90% by 2025, synchronous mechanization gets over 70% by 2030;

- Livestock: Livestock production reaches over 80% by 2025, synchronous mechanization gets over 60% by 2030;

- Fishery: The mechanization of aquaculture production reaches over 70% by 2025, over 90% by 2030; catching and preserving on fishing vessels attain 85% by 2025 and over 95% by 2030.

- Forestry: The stages of soil preparation, seeding, tree plantation, care, pest control, forest fire prevention, exploitation and transportation of timber and forest products reach over 30% by 2025, over 50% by 2030.

- Salt industry: The water supply, drainage, salt collection in the field and salt harvesting and transportation reach over 70% by 2025 and over 90% by 2030.

+ The development of processing and preserving agricultural products

- The growth rate of added value of the agricultural product processing industry reaches over 8.0%/year by 2025 and 10.0%/year by 2030.

- More than 70% of key agricultural product processing and preservation establishments have averagely advanced technology and capacity.

- Post-harvest losses of key agricultural products decrease from 0.5% to 1.0%/year.

- The proportion of export value of key agricultural products reaching 60% is processed products.

- To form a number of modern agricultural product processing groups and enterprises, with economic potential and management level at the world level; agricultural product processing industrial clusters associated with the development of concentrated raw material production areas which are synchronously mechanized and connected to the consumption of agricultural products.

The strategy also offers four development perspectives, specifically:

- Developing agricultural mechanization and processing of agricultural, forestry and fishery products (hereinafter referred to as agricultural products) is an important task of the agricultural sector, increasing added value, sustainable development and international economic integration.

- Developing agricultural mechanization in the direction of synchronous mechanization, along the chain linking production with products processing and consumption. To promote the use of machinery, equipment, advanced technology, digital technology and smart technology in the stages of agricultural production.

- Prioritizing the development of large-scale, modern agricultural product processing enterprises with advanced technology qualifications and capabilities in combination with the development of small and medium-sized pre-processing, preservation and processing establishments in order to create synchronization, cohesion, and spread along the chain. To diversify products, increase the proportion of deep processing; step up the processing of key export agricultural products and agricultural by-products.

- The State encourages all economic sectors and promotes international cooperation in investment and development of agricultural mechanization and agro-processing industry.

The development orientation to 2030, with a vision to 2045 is as follows:

+ Agricultural mechanization

- To develop mechanization synchronously in agriculture, apply modern and smart technologies, use energy economically, efficiently and protect the environment in accordance with the production scale and level, the advantages in each industry and agricultural production region with large-scale organizations according to the agricultural product value chain.

- To encourage the development of organizations and centers for agricultural mechanization in regions and areas in terms of manufacturing, supplying machinery, equipment, technology, services for agricultural mechanization, supporting industry, and transferring science and technology, innovative and creative ideas to develop mechanization into agricultural production.

+ Developing processing and preserving agricultural products

- To use advanced and environmentally friendly technologies, modernize equipment for preserving and processing agricultural products to diversify processed products, reduce post-harvesting losses, and lower costs; strengthen deep processing to create high added value, increase the competitiveness of agricultural products; control quality and food safety and product traceability.

- To encourage new investment and expand processing and preservation facilities to ensure sufficient processing and preservation capacity for key commodities, associated with concentrated materials production areas.

 In addition, the Decision also provides the solutions and the implementation of the Strategy.

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