Hung Yen: Building material areas for OCOP products

Published on 24 - 05 - 2022

Implementing the program "One commune, one product" (OCOP), over the past time, districts, town and city in the province have focused on developing raw material areas associated with high-quality agricultural products bearing the characteristics, advantages and trademarks of each locality, contributing to opening up opportunities for linkage in building production chains to develop the agricultural and rural economy in a sustainable way.

Concentrated turmeric production area in Chi Tan commune (Khoai Chau)

Dai Hung turmeric production service and trade cooperative (Khoai Chau) was established in 2018, with over 4.2 ha of raw material area for turmeric cultivation. Currently, the cooperative has 4 products recognized as OCOP products of the province, including: Turmeric powder, turmeric starch, peanut oil, corri turmeric starch and honey. Securing the production material area has helped the cooperative change its production method from small-scale production in households to concentrated production in the direction of a closed value chain linkage, creating favorable conditions for members of the cooperative to improve technical processes and apply advanced quality management programs in production. Mr. Nguyen Van Quan, Director of the cooperative said: The development of material areas, concentrated planting areas, specialized cultivation applying modern technology to production has helped the cooperative to create a larger number of products with uniform quality, meet the needs of the market. Thereby, improving the operational efficiency of the cooperative.

Currently, Ne Chau Longan Cooperative, Hong Nam Commune (Hung Yen City) has 4 OCOP products; in which, longan products and longan flower's honey are rated 4 stars, lotus seeds and tapioca products are rated 3 stars. To ensure the source of raw materials in the production process, the cooperative has cooperated with members of the cooperative and the longan growers around the area to be autonomous and control the raw material area on the spot, contributing to improving the value efficiency of agricultural products, creating jobs for local workers. Ms. Trinh Thi Bac, Director of Ne Chau Longan Cooperative said: The cooperative's post-processed agricultural products have been present in many localities and on e-commerce platforms across the country. This helps the cooperative's product sales to grow well. Due to the initiative in the source of raw materials, the product quality is stable, meeting the needs of the market. In the coming time, the cooperative will continue to support members and people to apply technology in growing and caring for longan according to VietGAP process in order to build a good raw material area, create prestigious products, and ensure food safety standards when it reaches the consumer.

Currently, the whole province has 140 products and product groups that have obtained provincial OCOP certification, of which 116 products and product groups have achieved 3-star and 24 4-star products. One of the leading criteria of OCOP products is to bring local characteristics associated with production organization, form concentrated and large-scale commodity production areas associated with the construction of stable raw material areas. Since then, increasing the investment in technology, applying scientific and technical advances in processing and preserving high-quality products. Currently, the growing areas of longan, banana and turmeric are concentrated in Khoai Chau, Tien Lu, Phu Cu districts and Hung Yen city, and the construction of raw material areas according to organic standards associated with OCOP has been interested in and focused on by localities. The mindset of many subjects has gradually changed to be autonomous in controlling the local raw material area, creating a foundation to improve the value and brand of the product to meet the increasing demands of the market. The self-reliance in production materials has helped a number of OCOP products of the province to be exported, such as: Turmeric powder of Hoang Minh Chau Co., Ltd., Chi Tan commune (Khoai Chau), lotus seed and longan products of Lai Hoai Co., Ltd., Hong Nam commune (Hung Yen city), fresh longan fruit of Quyet Thang fruit tree cooperative, Tan Hung commune (Hung Yen city)...

In 2022, the whole province strives to have from 30 to 40 more products and product groups that are evaluated and graded OCOP products from 3 stars or more. In order to gradually form and develop concentrated, large-scale and stable raw material areas, over the past time, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has carried out policies to encourage agricultural development in the province. In which, support to promote the formation and development of concentrated and large-scale commodity production areas associated with product preservation, processing and consumption; accumulate and concentrate land to develop agricultural production; support the main crops and livestock for concentrated production in the direction of goods; encourage the development of specific products with the advantages of locality in the direction of goods... At the same time, focusing on directing localities to develop new products on the basis of advantages of raw material areas and restore and promote craft villages and traditional job; apply solutions on science - technology and digital transformation to develop and control the quality of raw material areas of OCOP products.

Mr. Le Van Thang, Director of the Rural Development Sub-Department said: After recognized as OCOP products, a number of typical products of the province have expanded the consumption market into the system of supermarkets and restaurants, contributing to increase product value and revenue for the subject. In particular, the formation of the raw material area has supported organizations and individuals to actively plan production and control the source of raw materials, ensuring product quality. Organizations and individuals have actively improved their financial capacity, warehouse system, production and processing lines when expanding the raw material area. To actively promote trade, put agricultural products on the e-commerce floor to open up more opportunities to introduce featured products to consumers, create a link in the balance of supply - demand. In the coming time, the Branch will continue to implement policies and solutions to develop OCOP products and raw materials for OCOP products, contributing to raising people's incomes and promoting economic restructuring in the rural area.

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