Orange production towards improving productivity and quality

Published on 23 - 11 - 2022

Currently, farmers in the province have grown nearly 2 thousand hectares of oranges, with varieties of Vinh oranges, sugar oranges, V2 oranges, of which 1,000 hectares are planted according to VietGAP process, the annual output reaches over 30,000 tons. Many localities have formed large-scale orange growing areas, with modern production processes, intensive farming in the direction of safety, good quality products, beautiful appearance such as, orange farms in the communes of Quang Chau (Hung Yen city), Tam Da (Phu Cu), Dong Thanh (Kim Dong), Ly Thuong Kiet (Yen My), Tan Dan (Khoai Chau)...

Farmers in Dong Thanh commune (Kim Dong) grow oranges according to Vietgap standards

However, growing oranges in the province has such limitations as: The organization of production in the regions is not sustainable; the link between production, purchasing, processing, preservation and consumption has not been paid attention; enterprises have not yet boldly joined the association with cooperative groups and cooperatives, so the contract of product consumption is small, lack of rigor, affecting the interests of farmers and businesses. Some households use fertilizers not as recommended, use less organic fertilizers (manure, organic microorganism) and apply fertilizers that are not suitable for the growth periods of the plants; some households use 70% of inorganic fertilizers to harden the soil, affecting the roots during growth and development, leading to a decrease in yield and economic efficiency of orange trees. Some orange growers also abuse pesticides, increase the dose and concentration, leading to soil and water pollution, and residual chemicals on the fruit. The use of pesticides and control measures that do not ensure the "4 right" principle leads to pests and diseases which cause damage, reduce yield, quality, and shorten the life of trees as well as increasing manufacturing costs. The preservation and preliminary processing of post-harvest orange products have not yet been focused.

In order to develop orange trees in the province in a sustainable and highly effective manner, along the value chain, in 2020, the Agricultural Extension Center (Center) has implemented the project: Building and developing intensive orange farming project to improve productivity, quality and value of Hung Yen orange products. The project will be carried out in 3 years (from 2020 to 2022), with a scale of 30ha in Kim Dong, Tien Lu districts and Hung Yen city, with the participation of 103 households in the project.

The objective of the project is to build an intensive orange farming project according to VietGAP standards, with a scale of 30ha/year (repeated in 3 years), improve productivity, quality, value, food hygiene and safety, increase economic efficiency for producers, contributing to the sustainable development of orange growing areas of the province; the productivity strives to reach over 25 tons/ha/year, the products are uniform, the fruit skin is beautiful, the revenue is over 500 million VND/ha/year.

During 3 years of project implementation, the Center has supported production materials for 103 participating households with the amount of more than 11.4 tons of nitrogen, 31.5 tons of phosphorus, more than 11.2 tons of potassium, 135 tons of Que Lam 05 organic fertilizer, more than 2.5 thousand packages of pesticides. Along with that, the Center has organized three training courses to transfer technical advances to farmers in the project, five training courses for 200 non-project farmers and grassroots’ agricultural extension staff on the skills of intensive cultivation of orange trees according to VietGAP standards.

Through the evaluation of the project management board, in 3 years of implementation, the project has achieved high results, orange yield in 2020 reached 25.2 tons/ha, revenue attained 504 million VND/ha, effective economy was 17.9% higher than the control area. In 2021, the yield reached 25.3 tons/ha, the revenue attained 504 million VND/ha, the efficiency was 20% higher than the control area. It is estimated that in 2022, the yield reaches 25.4 tons/ha, the revenue attains 533.4 million VND/ha, the efficiency is 20.3% higher than the control area.

In the localities, most of the households participating in the project said that: The project has contributed to changing mindsets and experiences that are no longer relevant in orange growing and absorbing new technical advances. The techniques of caring, fertilizing, and using pesticides are carried out by households according to the "4 right" principle, using organic fertilizers such as soybean and fish, etc. Therefore, the oranges in the project grow and develop well, the quality of the oranges is delicious and popular in the market.

Mr. Nguyen Van Kien, Director of the Center for Agricultural Extension said: After 3 years of implementation, the project has been carried out according to the plan in terms of quantity, quality and time, so orange trees have grown and developed well. The economic and technical indicators are all met as compared with the requirements. Intensive orange tree cultivation according to VietGAP standards limits the use of pesticides and protects the environment; reduces the use of inorganic fertilizers, creating conditions to restore the fertility of the soil environment. From the project's results, it is proposed that the National Agricultural Extension Center provide funding for the following years to continue building agricultural extension models, expanding the area of ​​orange and fruit trees in the province. It is recommended that farmers continue to apply new technical advances to orange production in the following years; local authorities continue to inform and propagate the effectiveness of the project so that farmers can understand and apply it in practice.

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