The Lunar New Year – Tan Suu spring 2021 greetings of Deputy Party Secretary, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Tran Quoc Van

Published on 12 - 02 - 2021

The sacred time of New Year's Eve to welcome Tan Suu New Year has arrived. On behalf of the leaders of Hung Yen province, I cordially send the salutation, close affection and best New Year greetings to old revolutionists, Vietnamese Heroic Mothers, Heroes of the People’s Armed Forces, Labor Heroes; wounded soldiers, sick soldiers, families with meritorious services to the State; Hung Yen people living far from the hometown; foreign friends who are living and working in Hung Yen; all officials and people of the province.

Deputy Party Secretary, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Tran Quoc Van reads the New Year greetings 2021.

The Canh Ty year 2020 is full of events and respectful achievements: the Party, government and people of the province are united, intellectual and unanimous in making efforts, responding and solving effectively the difficult, new and complicated situations of the Covid-19 pandemic; taking advantage of opportunities, promoting resources, continuing to innovate, improving productivity - quality - competitiveness of the economy; achieving quite comprehensive results on the socio-economic development. The total product in the province has increased by 6.13%, among the top 10 provinces with the highest growth rate in the country. The economic structure has shifted rapidly in the direction of increasing the proportion of industry and services. State budget revenue has reached nearly 16,500 billion VND. Total product per capita has attained 78.83 million VND, ranking the 12th nationally. The average income per cultivated hectare is over 210 million VND. The poverty rate has decreased to 1.48%. Hung Yen is the third province in the country recognized by the Prime Minister to complete the task of building a new countryside. People's material and spiritual life has been raised; social security is guaranteed; spearhead education, high-achievement sports, high-tech application in medical examination and treatment have had a new breakthrough. Rural and urban appearance has greatly changed in the direction of light - green - clean - beautiful. The province has successfully organized the Provincial Party Congress with many targets ahead and higher than the plan.

The New Year of Tan Suu 2021 is of great significance, the first year of the term of the 5-year plan. With the right direction and strong development aspirations, the Party Committee, authorities and People of the province continue to unite, promote the cultural and revolutionary tradition and gain new development achievements. In the immediate future, to highly concentrate and drastically win the Covid-19 pandemic. We are determined to build Hung Yen soon to become a province of "modern industry, high efficiency in agriculture, rapid and sustainable development" - a prosperous and peaceful countryside.

Best wishes to all comrades, people and cadres of the province with good health, happiness and success!

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