Hung Yen: Growing vegetables for processing and export

Published on 22 - 11 - 2021

Due to the influence of weather, the early winter and main crop plantation was delayed and the area decreased. Faced with the above difficulties, in order to increase productivity, product quality and income, the agricultural sector and localities actively propagate and support farmers with seed, capital, and technical training to expand the varieties of crops with value of goods for processing and export, meeting market demand, at the same time creating a close link between businesses and farmers to consume products.

Farmer in Hung Dao commune (Tien Lu) harvests baby cucumbers for processing

In previous years, the ​​export vegetables and fruits of Yen My district only covered a small area, up to now, vegetables and fruits have been continuously expanded, giving high economic value. For the people of Yen Phu commune, two types of export vegetables, mini cucumbers and lettuce, have become familiar to the land here. The average exportation of cucumbers is 5-7 million VND/pole and they can be grown in both crops in the year. Lettuce gives the income from 3 to 5 million VND / pole with early harvest time, low maintenance and low cost. Ms. Nguyen Thi Hanh, a farmer in the commune, said: Previously, in the feet of the crop fields, corn and sweet potato are mainly grown, the economic efficiency is low, but the economic efficiency is higher, farmers' lives are improved since the policy of growing export crops is implemented.

Currently, in Yen My district, not only farmers in Yen Phu commune grow vegetables for export, but also in most other localities such as Yen Hoa, Dong Than, Hoan Long, Trung Hung... vegetables for export are also planted on a large scale. To realize the restructuring of crops, over the years, Yen My district has introduced many new crops into intensive farming, but so far, processing and exporting vegetables have achieved higher efficiency. Most of these plants are easy to grow, not taken much care, and have stable prices.

To encourage production expansion, localities have many active works such as supporting seeds, capital, irrigation for farmers, acting as an intermediary for businesses and farmers to sign contracts. In recent years, Kim Dong district has always expanded the area of ​​winter crops, especially crops for processing and export such as baby cucumbers, asparagus, and sweet corn, up 10-15 % of area as compared to the previous crop. Many communes such as Toan Thang, Hiep Cuong, Chinh Nghia have actively contacted a number of units inside and outside the province to sign contracts to sell agricultural products to each household. According to calculation and experience of households in Toan Thang commune, growing baby cucumbers takes a long time but gives high income. With an average yield of 1 pole of cucumbers reaching from 1.2 - 1.5 tons, minus the cost, the grower has a profit of 3 - 5 million VND.

The market for winter crops in the province is quite diverse, the products are distributed through many channels, both in domestic and export markets. It is estimated that every year, thousands of ha of vegetables are purchased by companies and units under the contracts with farmers, creating favorable conditions for production and development. However, the expansion of winter crop production for processing and export has faced many difficulties. The contracts signed between businesses and farmers are not tight, leading to contract breaking. When the market price is high, farmers sell their products, whereas when the price is low, they "force" businesses to buy products. Most products are sold through many intermediaries, so the purchase price is low. Meanwhile, the quality of food hygiene and safety of some agricultural products is not guaranteed. Another difficulty is that crops have not been planned into a concentrated raw material area, and the application of technical advances is still limited, so productivity and quality have not met the requirements. Most of the factories and processing facilities in the province have not reached their maximum capacity. On average, enterprises only operate at 40-45% capacity, the winter season is the time when many raw materials are processed, but the capacity is only 60-65%.

With positive changes from planting, purchasing, and processing winter crops, especially products from processed and exported vegetables, are opening up new prospects for farmers in the area. However, in order to increase the area, productivity, output and income value per farming unit, specialized industries and localities need to step up the implementation of the province's policy on attracting businesses to invest in the agricultural sector, there are solutions to facilitate joint-venture businesses, linking the purchasing and processing of agricultural products, creating a closed loop between the raw material area and the processing facility. The functional sector strengthens services, creates favorable conditions in obtaining information about the vegetable and fruit market to provide producers; promotes research activities and transfers techniques of growing, tending and processing vegetables and fruits to producers as well as intermediaries. Localities encourage farmers to apply new varieties and advanced techniques in fruit and vegetable production and processing, invest in building a model of safe vegetable growing, and instruct farmers to care for, fertilize, and use plants protection drugs in accordance with regulations, ensure the isolation period and hygiene and safety of agricultural products, adopt policies to support investment in innovation of fruit and vegetable processing technology lines. Thus, winter crop production, especially vegetable crops for processing and export, is truly sustainable, contributing to raising incomes for farmers.

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