Hung Yen: To drastically carry out measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic

Published on 29 - 01 - 2021

* On January 28, comrade Vu Duc Dam, member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Prime Minister, Head of the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control attended and directed the teleconference to perform urgent measures in the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic at the central destination. At the Hung Yen provincial destination, the conference drew the attendance of Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Standing Deputy Head of the Provincial Steering Committee for Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control (the Steering Committee).

At the conference, the leaders of the Ministry of Health thoroughly grasped the Prime Minister's Directive No. 05 / CT-TTg, dated January 28, 2021 on some urgent measures to prevent and combat Covid-19 epidemic (Directive No. 05). Speaking at the conference, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam requested all levels and branches throughout the country to strictly comply with the content of the Directive No. 05 of the Prime Minister. In which, the highlight is: The People's Committees of provinces and centrally-run cities should focus on directing the reviewing and tightening of the implementation of measures to prevent and control Covid-19 epidemic in the area, especially in medical facilities, schools, industrial parks, factories and areas of crowded people; based on each level to apply appropriate measures of social blockade and distancing; request people to strictly perform measures to wear masks, limit crowding, and keep distance in public places; strengthen inspection of the performance of epidemic prevention and control measures, strictly handle violations. Relevant ministries, sectors, the People's Committees of provinces and cities have strengthened measures to strictly manage entry activities, prevent and strictly handle entry cases, organize illegal entries...

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam emphasized: This is the first time Vietnam has detected many cases at the same time (72 cases in Chi Linh City, Hai Duong and 10 cases in Quang Ninh). In the coming days, many cases are likely to appear, so localities need to depend on the actual situation in the area to actively decide to establish isolation and blockade zones; promote propaganda for people to wear masks when leaving home, resolutely sanction who do not wear masks in public places and violate the regulations on disease prevention and control ...

* On the same day, the Provincial Steering Committee held the teleconference with districts, towns and city to carry out the Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control. Comrade Nguyen Duy Hung, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Standing Deputy Head of the Provincial Steering Committee chaired the conference.

Delegates attend the teleconference of the Provincial Steering Committee with the Steering Committees of districts, towns and city.

According to reports at the conference, up to now, the province has not recorded any case of Covid-19 infection in the community; 97 people are currently quarantined and monitored. After the Ministry of Health announced 2 positive cases in the community (The patient No. 1552, a worker of POYUN Co., Ltd., with a permanent address in Chi Linh city, Hai Duong province and the patient No. 1553, a staff of Van Don Airport, with a permanent address in Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province), the supervision, investigation, tracing, quarantine, and testing work in the province is quickly performed. Regarding the positive case in Hai Duong, 2 F1 cases have been isolated, 38 F2 cases permanently residing in My Hao town were taken the first sample and tested negative, and at the same time dozens of F2 and F3 cases in My Hao town and Kim Dong district were reviewed and isolated.

At the conference, delegates discussed measures to effectively implement the Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control in the province; discussed the contents of the draft Telegram on strengthening the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic before a new strain of the epidemic in Vietnam.

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee suggested: Branches and localities need to follow the directives, official letters, instructions and directions of the Central and the province to strengthen and well carry out the prevention and fighting against the Covid-19 epidemic. In particular, continuing to strengthen event-based surveillance, through the hotline number, through the medical reporting management information system; proactively coordinate with neighboring provinces, departments, branches and localities in the province to update information early to detect at-risk subjects and the ones related to infected cases; when detecting the infected case or the person related to the case, the quick trace; classification, selecting and timely zoning, immediate encirclement, fastest isolation, close medical monitoring are performed; organize the drastic and effective suppression of the epidemic, preventing it from spreading to the community. To firmly grasp the population fluctuations in the area, pay special attention to at-risk groups. Medical examination and treatment facilities continue to apply processes, classify to avoid transmission in medical facilities, when detecting suspicious cases, it is necessary to accept and coordinate with the Provincial Disease Control Center to investigate epidemiology, not let patients leave medical examination and treatment facilities without a clear investigation. In addition, the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee asked localities and agencies to continue reviewing and adjusting anti-epidemic plans to suit the practical situation; promote propaganda and mobilization of workers living and working in epidemic areas not to move to Hung Yen; families reduce the size of weddings, funerals, minimize the number of attendees; restrict activities to gather people, wear masks regularly; suspend cultural activities, festivals, sports and entertainment with crowded people in public places; not organize extra classes; restaurants and business establishments must strictly apply measures to prevent and combat the Covid-19 epidemic ...

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