The teleconference deploying the tasks in 2021 of the Inspection sector

Published on 13 - 01 - 2021

On the afternoon of January 12, the Inspectorate organized a teleconference to perform the tasks of 2021. Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc attended and directed the conference. In the attendance were leaders of ministries, departments and central branches.

At the conference

At the Hung Yen provincial destination, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Hung Nam attended and presided over the conference. It saw the participation of leaders of relevant departments and branches.

The Inspection sector has gained many outstanding achievements in the period of 2016-2020. Specifically, the Inspection sector has made an important contribution to the prevention, detection and treatment of corruption. The amount of violations increased by 134%, the proposed amount of withdrawal rose by over 83%, the rate of recovery of money increased by 5.7 times, the number of cases and subjects transferred to investigation agency rose by 56 % and 92%.

By 2020, the whole branch has performed 6,199 administrative inspections and 181,227 inspections; detected the economic violations of 86,369 billion VND; proposed to recover 23,843 billion VND, 830 ha of land; proposed an administrative handling of 2,123 collectives and many individuals; issued 90,193 decisions to sanction administrative violations with the amount of VND 7,164 billion; moved to investigation agency to handle 97 cases and 99 subjects. The whole sector has urged and examined the performance of 3,465 conclusions and decisions to handle after inspection and recovery and handled 9,143 billion VND and 148 hectares of land, urged the disposal of 1,066 collectives and 3,658 individuals and transferred 12 cases and 12 subjects to authorities for prosecution.

At the conference, localities made speeches focusing on the following contents: citizen reception; anti-corruption work; inspection activities in the police branch, inspection activities specialized in Finance; settlement of complaints in crowd...; raising opinions, recommendations and proposing remedies to better implement the 2021 inspection sector’s tasks.

Speaking at the conference, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc asked the Government Inspector and the Inspectorate to follow the instructions of the Government and the Prime Minister and administrative agencies at the same level to develop the inspection plan closely and correctly; organize the effective implementation of the 2021 inspection plan, focusing on sensitive areas of bad public opinions, pay attention to unexpected inspection; the assessment of the performance of legal policies in management activities must base on the spirit of not criminalizing disputes in the economic field and the inspection activities of functional agencies must not overlap to create business investment environment; continue to carry out and concretize the provisions of the Anti-Corruption Law, especially on the control of income and benefits of the non-state sector; more active in preventing corruption; strengthen administrative reform, build a streamlined, effective and efficient inspection unit as well as focusing on professional training for the contingent of inspectors; the Party committees, authorities, ministries need to pay more attention to the activities, organization and personnel of the inspection sector, uphold the responsibility of the head, regularly and closely monitor and direct the tasks of the inspection./.

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