The Official Telegram of the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee on the implementation of measures to prevent and fight against Covid-19 in the current situation

Published on 19 - 09 - 2020

On September 18, 2020, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee signed to issue the Official Telegram No. 2491 / CD-CTUBND on the implementation of measures to prevent and control Covid-19 in the current situation.

Accordingly, in order to proactively respond to the epidemic in the new situation, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee requests the heads of provincial departments, agencies, branches and unions; Chairmen of the People's Committees of districts and communes; heads of agencies, units, businesses, urban areas, people's markets ... and the entire People:

- To continue to thoroughly grasp, seriously perform the major policies of the Party and State on the realization of dual goals: being ready to effectively prevent and control the epidemic, while promoting the socio-economic development; seriously carrying out the Prime Minister's Conclusion at the Standing Meeting of the Government on Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control (The Notice No. 326 / TB-VPCP dated September 13, 2020 of the Office of the Government).

 - Every citizen continues to take full measures to prevent and control the epidemic in the new situation under the guidance of the Ministry of Health: Wear a mask when leaving home, at crowded places and on public transport; wash hands with soap or an antiseptic solution; restrict crowds in public places; keep a safe distance in contact, gradually form suitable habits and lifestyles in the new situation to keep themselves and society safe; encourage voluntary medical declaration, installation and use of Bluezone apps. Each unit, enterprise, collective and individual have actively established a new normal state, promoting both the socio-economic development and effective epidemic prevention and control.

- To proactively prepare, guide and rehearse scripts and plans to respond to the epidemic in the area under the management, especially medical examination and treatment establishments, agencies, manufacturing facilities, factories and enterprises with large workforce and residential areas. To be ready to create all good conditions to promote investment attraction, production and business development.

- Agencies, factories, enterprises, manufacturing facilities, goods and services establishments, hospitals, schools, apartment buildings, people's markets, restaurants, shops, monuments, amusement parks, religious establishments, ... continue to take measures to ensure safety against the epidemic according to regulations.

- Economic, political and social activities are not limited to the number of participants but people must keep a minimum distance of 1m in contact and strictly carry out epidemic prevention and control measures according to regulations.

- Not to apply measures to restrict trade, not "prevent rivers, ban markets". Owners of inter-provincial and intra-provincial transports will arrange hand sanitizer on vehicles and require passengers to wear a mask during the road.

- To allow re-operation of all non-essential services businesses. To request owners to strictly perform the epidemic prevention and control measures according to regulations.

In addition, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee also assigns the tasks of Covid-19 prevention and control to a number of departments, branches and units.

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