Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phong conveys the topic at the training course on professional skills for cadres of the Fatherland Front

Published on 17 - 06 - 2020

On June 16, at Nguyen Van Linh Political School, Mr. Nguyen Van Phong, Deputy Party Secretary, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee conveyed the topic "The results of socio-economic development of the province from 2015 to the present" to students taking part in the training course on professional skills for cadres of the Fatherland Front. It drew the attendance of Mrs. Pham Thi Tuyen, Member of the Provincial Standing Committee, Head of the Provincial People's Committee, Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of the province.

Delegates attend a training course on professional skills for cadres of the Fatherland Front

Mr. Nguyen Van Phong, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, made an overview of the historical and traditional values ​​of Hung Yen land and people; some outstanding results in the province's socio-economic fields from 2015 to the present. Hung Yen has achieved and exceeded many goals and tasks in the Resolution of the 18th Provincial Party Congress, for the term 2015-2020. Since 2017, Hung Yen is one of the few provinces and cities of the country that self-balance the budget and regulate a part to the Central. This is an impressive breakthrough in provincial budget revenue and expenditure. In addition, the province has issued many mechanisms and policies to attract investment. The annual economic growth rate of the province is always at a good level, the economic structure of agriculture, industry, construction and services has changed positively. Transportation infrastructure is focused on development and investment. The Plan No. 93a / KH-UBND dated March 31, 2017 of the Provincial People's Committee on the clearance of illegal construction works on agricultural land; the violations of protection corridor of transport and irrigational works, activities on yards, and illegal exploitation of sand is strictly observed. The national target program on building new-style rural areas has gained good results, changing the appearance of rural areas in the province, contributing to improving the material and spiritual life of the people. The field of education and training has been basically and comprehensively renovated. The system of cultural and historical relics is restored and embellished.

In the 2015-2020 period, the province has given priority to support localities to build cultural houses in villages and quarters in order to meet the people's cultural and spiritual needs and contribute to building an advanced culture and imbued with national identity. Social security is interested in by the province, in which the construction of houses for poor households and people with meritorious services to the revolution is outstanding; to support to pay health insurance for the elderly, religious dignitaries, laborers in local waste collection teams and 30-year-old Party members or more; to carry out the social assistance policy for the elderly from full 75 years to under 80 years old at 135 thousand VND / person / month. The security situation is maintained ...

The professional training course for Fatherland Front cadres organized by Nguyen Van Linh Political School in coordination with the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of the province takes place from June 15 to June 19. As participating in the class, students will be able to study such topics as: Position, role, function, organizational structure and tasks of Vietnam Fatherland Front, and the relationship of Vietnam Fatherland Front and organizations in the country's political system; strengthening the great unity bloc of the entire nation, building a clean and strong Party and political system based on Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style; the advisory and implementation of the campaign and patriotic emulation movements chaired by the Vietnam Fatherland Front; the dialogue on social insurance and health insurance policies for Front staff; improving the quality of activities of commune-level People's Inspection Boards; the advisory work on building the Party and government of the Fatherland Front...


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