Hung Yen: The administrative reform index in 2019 increased by 5 levels

Published on 20 - 05 - 2020

On May 19, the Government PAR Steering Committee held a teleconference to announce the 2019 PAR Index of ministries, ministerial-level agencies, the Provincial People's Committees and centrally-run cities and the satisfaction index of the people and organizations towards the services of State administrative agencies. At the Hung Yen destination, the conference drew the attendance of Mr. Dang Ngoc Quynh, Member of the Provincial Standing Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee.

Delegates attend the conference at the provincial destination

In 2019, the administrative reform continues to be drastically and focusly directed by the Government and the Prime Minister and gained good results. The average value of the administrative reform index of 17 ministries and ministerial-level agencies is 85.63%, up 2.95%; the administrative reform index of provinces and centrally-run cities achieved an average result of 81.15%, 4.23% higher than the previous year, and considered as the highest result in the last 4 years. 84.45% of people and organizations are satisfied with the overall services of the local State administrative agencies. There are three units attaining the results of PAR index at over 90% including: State Bank of Vietnam, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice. For Hung Yen province, the PAR index reaches 81.98%, seeing an increase of 5 levels as compared to 2018.

Based on the results of 2019, Standing Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh requested: Heads of administrative agencies at all levels from the central to local levels should promote the achievements and overcome the shortcomings and limitations in administrative reform; continue to improve socialist-oriented market economy, create a fair and favorable business investment environment; promote reviewing and streamlining the organizational structure, consolidate the functions and tasks of administrative agencies in public non-business units according to regulations. The Ministry of Home Affairs continues to coordinate with the concerned ministries, branches, agencies, and scientists in studying, amending and supplementing criteria and methods for evaluating the administrative reform index and the satisfaction index in administrative service in 2020.


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