State budget revenues in non-state sector

Published on 18 - 05 - 2020

Our province is an attractive destination for many production and business development projects, of which a large proportion belongs to non-state enterprises. Currently, the state budget revenue from the non-state sector is leading in all economic sectors.

Production at Hoa Phat Steel Co., Ltd. (Van Lam)

In 2020, the Provincial People's Council assigns an estimated state budget revenue from non-state sector to be VND 3,733 billion. To implement the estimates, the tax industry has extensively carried out the tax policies and laws, especially those effective from 1.1.2020 and the guiding documents. At the same time, the tax authorities actively coordinate with the relevant units in strengthening the management of budget revenues, promptly exploiting revenues and taxes into the state budget right from the first days of the year. In order to nurture and effectively exploit the State budget revenues from the non-state sector, the provincial taxation sector has implemented many synchronous and drastic measures. The management of tax declaration and accounting for non-state enterprises is strictly performed. The taxation sector has focused on reforming administrative procedures, reducing the time of tax declaration and payment; the review and management of taxpayers are timely implemented; the tax administration process is conducted through information technology system as prescribed by the General Department of Taxation. At the same time, to promptly settle tax refund dossiers of taxpayers who have enough procedures. In addition, to encourage and support businesses to declare taxes online and pay taxes electronically. Up to now, the percentage of enterprises making tax declaration online is over 99%, the ones paying electronic taxes at over 99%. The propaganda and support for taxpayers are always concerned with many appropriate forms such as: Direct consultation at tax authorities, to answer via phone or in writing the regulations on tax. Functional divisions of the Provincial Tax Department research and develop special topics of tax propagation and support in each preferential field or profession for taxpayers to comply with regulations. It should be publicized in the media to praise and timely reward enterprises of non-state sector with great tax payment and good observance of tax laws.

According to the General Department of Taxation, by the end of April, the state budget revenue of the non-state sector is estimated to reach at over VND 824.3 billion, accounting for 22.1% of the estimates assigned by the Provincial People's Council, equal to 82.7 % as compared to the same period last year. In which, some taxes have gained good results such as: Enterprise income tax reaches over 225 billion VND, value added tax is over 405 billion VND, special consumption tax gets over 190 billion VND... This economic revenue is lower than the estimates and the same period last year, which is due to a number of reasons such as: The complicated and unpredictable global Covid-19 pandemic has directly affected production and business activities of businesses and business households; many businesses operate moderately, reduce production or closed. Besides, the impact of some new policies such as the Law on Prevention and Control of Harmful Effects of Alcoholic Beverages; the Decree No. 100/2019 / ND-CP dated December 30, 2019 of the Government stipulating sanctions against administrative violations in the field of road and rail transport, has affected the production and business results of enterprises producing and trading beer and liquor in the area. Particularly, the revenues of three key enterprises trading in wine and beer in the area (Hanoi Beer - Alcohol - Beverage Development Investment Technology Joint Stock Company, Aroma Beverage Joint Stock Company, Hanoi - Hung Yen 89 Beer Trading Joint Stock Company) have reduced in the first quarter of 2020 by VND 70 billion.

State budget revenue results of the non-state sector are important in the implementation of domestic budget revenue estimates. In the current practical conditions, in order to well perform the task of collecting state budget revenues in this economic sector, the tax industry should proactively and drastically implement tax administration measures according to its functions and duties. The sector promptly conducts the contents of Decree No. 41/2020 / ND-CP dated 8.4.2020 to extend the deadline for paying taxes and land rents. Accordingly, regularly checking, reviewing and making a list of businesses and business households in the area affected by Covid-19 epidemic among 5 groups of subjects that are extended in Decree No. 41/2020 / ND- CP of the Government. Tax authorities apply new forms of propaganda, so that taxpayers understand and strictly comply with tax regulations, raise awareness in self-declaration, self-calculation and self-payment of taxes. To strictly decentralize tax administration for non-state enterprises to regional tax departments according to regulations. To closely monitor the fluctuations of tax debts, urge the immediate collection of newly arising debts, avoid the situation of prolonged debts, making it difficult to collect tax debts. To focus on reviewing businesses that owe tax money, the amount, time and causes of debts to properly classify tax debts and subjects from which uniformly apply measures to recover tax debts. For tax inspection and examination: To strictly comply with the instructions of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People's Committee and the General Department of Taxation on suspending all tax inspection and examination for the enterprises affected by the Covid-19 and the ones show no signs of tax risks. From May 2020, to continue to conduct inspections and checks the enterprises with high risks and not affected by Covid-19 in the inspection plan, ensuring the quality and increased collection through inspections to compensate for shortfall. To closely coordinate with all levels, branches and localities to review revenue sources, promptly remove difficulties and obstacles for enterprises to develop production and business, urge the timely collection and payment of arising tax amounts into the state budget.



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