Hung Yen’s Oranges and Agricultural Products Week 2020 opened in Hanoi

Published on 27 - 11 - 2020

On November 26, at MM Mega Market Ha Dong (Hanoi city), Hung Yen Provincial People's Committee held the opening ceremony of Hung Yen’s Oranges and Agricultural Products Week. It is organized to promote and introduce to domestic and foreign consumers about Hung Yen’s oranges and many agricultural products of the province.

Delegates cut the ribbon to open Hung Yen’s Oranges and Agricultural Products Week

At the supermarket, there are 15 stalls displaying oranges, citrus fruits and some typical agricultural products of the province. In which main products are as follows: Hung Yen’s orange, Duong Canh oranges, grapefruit of all kinds and many stalls displaying other agricultural products such as: Honey, lotus seed, dry longan ... Gardeners also introduce to customers with copper orange, red-flesh orange, yellow-yolk orange, which are grown in Hung Yen city, Khoai Chau district and Phu Cu district with beautiful appearance, good quality and safety for users.

Hung Yen’s Oranges and Agricultural Products Week, which takes place from November 26 to December 1, promises to be a place for consumers of the capital as well as other provinces and cities to enjoy and shop.

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