The Plan of the Provincial People's Committee to implement the Action Program of the Provincial Standing Committee on ensuring national food security until 2030

Published on 05 - 11 - 2020

On 2/11/2020, the Provincial People's Committee issued the Plan No. 136 / KH-UBND on the implementation of the Action Program of the Provincial Standing Committee on ensuring national food security until 2030.

Accordingly, the overall objectives of the Plan: Identify and perform appropriate programs, tasks and solutions to carry out the tasks in ensuring food security in the province until 2030. Perform the goals of ensuring food, foodstuff and nutrition enough for the people in order to improve the human condition, intelligence and stature; at the same time well performing the goal of sustainable poverty reduction in the province; continue restructuring the agricultural sector in the direction of strongly shifting from production taking quantity as a target to the one improving quality, value, efficiency and associated with the construction of a new countryside; support to promote the development of industry, tourism and services, contribute to improving people's lives. To bring into full play the advantages of the province's diversity of ecological regions, form concentrated production areas in association with consumption markets; quickly apply science and technology, high and clean technology to production; develop organic and specialty products in order to diversify the province's agricultural products.

Specific objectives: Improve the efficiency of agricultural land use; stabilize the area of ​​rice land that needs strict protection and annual food production to work as the core of ensuring food security in the province; step up the restructuring of agricultural sector in a modern and comprehensive direction, contributing to promoting economic growth and improving people's lives; maintain political stability, social order and safety in all situations. The plan outlines the specific goals for each field: Cultivation; breed; aquatic products; processing and selling products; medical; labor, employment and people's lives and investment in infrastructure.

The plan clearly states the implementation content, including: Unify in awareness and action, strengthen effective leadership and effectively direct the implementation of the food security assurance of the province; continue restructuring to develop food production, processing and consumption in the direction of concentrated, large-scale commodity production and cooperation on value chain; improve quality and people's access to safe, nutritious food; continue to improve mechanisms and policies to ensure food security in the province; raise the level of scientific and technological research, application and transfer; improve the effectiveness and efficiency of state management on food security, efficient management and use of natural resources, protection of the environment, ecology, climate change adaptation, and disaster prevention; capital solutions; promote international cooperation in the field of food security./.


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