To step up administrative reform work

Published on 09 - 10 - 2020

On October 9, 2020, the Provincial People's Committee issued Official Letter No. 2718 / UBND-NC on promoting administrative reform work.

Accordingly, in order to improve the quality and efficiency of the public administrative reform (PAR), meet the satisfaction of people and businesses and contribute to improving the annual PAR Index of the province, the Provincial People's Committee requests the Heads of provincial departments; agencies and branches; Chairmen of the People's Committees of districts, towns and city to well perform the following contents:

- To continue to direct and perform PAR work according to the assigned functions and tasks, the plans of the Provincial People's Committee, the agencies and units on PAR. To seriously evaluate the implementation at agencies and affiliated units; rectify and overcome shortcomings and take effective solutions for the tasks set out in the PAR Plan 2020.

- To enhance the role of heads of agencies and units in directing the implementation of PAR in accordance with regulations on the responsibilities of heads of state administrative agencies to perform PAR tasks of Hung Yen province issued together with Decision No. 22/2020 / QD-UBND dated 12/8/2020 of the Provincial People's Committee. To strictly handle cases where cadres, civil servants and public employees abuse their positions and powers for personal gaining in the course of performing their duties.

- To strictly perform the regulations on building, checking, reviewing and systematizing legal documents in accordance with the law and plans of the Provincial People's Committee, ensure that legal documents, which are issued, are feasible, in accordance with the regulations of the central and local practice. To regularly inspect, review and systematize legal documents to promptly propose amendments, supplementation, replacement, and annulment of documents with the contents that are not in accordance with the law, asynchronous and inconsistent with the actual situation of the locality, contributing to perfecting the system of legal documents of the province.

- To publish, update and list the changed administrative procedures under their jurisdiction to ensure the prescribed time; closely monitor the operation of the OSS department, strictly use electronic OSS software, avoid the status of late records on the software; seriously announce and apologize to the people and organizations coming to transact, whose record is correct and complete, but it is resolved late. To strengthen the propaganda about the provision of online public services at level 3 and 4 of agencies and units to the people and organizations to increase the rate of arising of online public service records and using public postal services.

- To continue to review, arrange and consolidate the organizational apparatus, transform the operation model, improve the quality of operation, the effectiveness and efficiency of administrative agencies and public non-business units under the management of the province in a streamlined and reasonable direction according to Resolution No. 18-NQ / TW, Resolution No. 19-NQ / TW dated October 25, 2017 of the 6th Conference of the 12th Central Executive Party Committee and action programs and plans of the central and the province; strictly comply with the regulations on the number of deputies and the rate of the payroll downsizing according to the roadmap.

- To continue to strengthen administrative discipline in the process of performing tasks; provide professional training and fostering for cadres, civil servants and public employees in the agency or unit; invest in and upgrade facilities to better serve people and organizations; strictly handle cadres, civil servants and public employees taking advantage of positions and powers for personal gaining in performing tasks.

- To publicize and make it transparent in the use of administrative funds; perform thrift and combat wastefulness in management and use of expenditures of agencies and units.

- To review and evaluate the performance of initiatives and solutions application to improve the effectiveness of administrative reform work recognized at the grassroots level and initiatives recognized by the Provincial-level Initiatives Condiseration and Approval Council according to Decision No. 09 / QD-HDSK dated 17/01/2020. To review responsibility of units and individuals that do not apply initiatives or not participate in the contest "Search for ideas and solutions to improve the efficiency of administrative reform in 2020" according to the Provincial People's Committee's Plan. .

- To strengthen the information and propaganda on PAR on the mass media with appropriate and practical forms. The content of information and propaganda is outstanding results in 10 years of implementing Resolution No. 30c / NQ-CP of the Government; activities, initiatives, models, good examples and lessons learned in PAR in each specific field at agencies and units in the period of 2011-2020.


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