To promote the improvement of the Governance and Public Administration Performation Index of Hung Yen province

Published on 06 - 10 - 2020

On October 6, 2020, the People's Committee of the province issued Official Letter No. 2673 / UBND-NC on promoting the improvement of the Governance and Public Administration Performation Index of Hung Yen province.

  Accordingly, in order to raise the Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performation Index (PAPI) in 2020 and the following years and meet the satisfaction of the people and businesses, the Provincial People's Committee requests the Heads of departments, agencies and branches of the province; Chairmen of the People's Committees of districts, towns and city to well perform the following contents:

- To focus on directing to promote the improvement of the Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performation Index on all contents at agencies and units. To seriously evaluate the performance of tasks at the agencies and affiliated units; overcome the shortcomings, limitations and effectively perform the tasks set out in the Plan to improve the Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index 2020.

- To enhance the activity of "The participation of people at the grassroots level"; organize conferences to train and foster communication and behavioral skills for cadres, civil servants and public employees on the performance of democratic regulation in communes, wards and towns; on the contents and issues that people have the rights to know, discuss, participate in the implementation or inspect and supervise the implementation.

- To strengthen "Publicity and transparency" in performing the process of investigating, reviewing, commenting and recognizing the poor annually according to regulations and right subjects; publicize and make it transparent of commune budget revenues and expenditures; publicize the detailed land use planning, plan and current land price bracket.

- To seriously carry out effectively "Accountability to the people" of the authorities at all levels in the implementation of assigned tasks and powers; regularly organize dialogues and well perform citizen reception, focus on effective settlement of citizens' petitions, complaints and denunciations. To improve the performance of the People's Inspection Committee and the Public Investment Supervision Board in communes, wards and towns.

- To drastically implement the "Control of corruption in public sector" under many forms. To strictly handle corrupt acts and the responsibility of the head when corruption occurs in the agency or unit under their charge. To publicize annual reports on anti-corruption results of the province on the mass media.

- To strengthen the reform of "Public administrative procedures", propose to minimize unnecessary, prolix administrative procedures to reduce time and costs of compliance with administrative procedures in order to create the most favorable conditions for people, organizations and businesses. To raise the quality of services to people and organizations, not cause troubles and harassment in the process of resolving administrative procedures, especially in the fields of authentication, certification, construction permits, issuance of Land use rights and public services certificates provided by the Commune People's Committee. To boost the application of information technology in solving administrative procedures; increase the number of public services provided online at level 3 and level 4.

- To promote the activity of "Provision of public administrative services", raise the quality of public health service delivery and improve the quality of education. To increase investment in infrastructure construction. To continue to take measures to maintain security and order of agencies and units; well organize activities of self-governing security teams in the locality; uphold the sense of responsibility of people and organizations in ensuring security and disruption of residential areas.

- To improve the effectiveness of "environmental governance" work. To strengthen propaganda and education to raise people's awareness of the importance of environmental and domestic water sources protection and air quality; associate economic development with environmental protection measures. To well perform the services of collecting and treating waste and wastewater. To enhance inspection, examination, drastic handling and definitive settlement of violations of the law on environmental protection; strictly handle cases of illegal discharging into the  environment causing pollution.

- To boost the activity of "E-governance" from the provincial to grassroots level. To perfect and upgrade information technology application in management. To strengthen the propaganda and dissemination for people to know and use online public services provided by state administrative agencies. To renew interface, simple and easy-to-understand access method for people to easily access and use.


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