The Directive on strengthening the management, reusing, recycling, treatment and minimization of plastic waste in the province

Published on 08 - 10 - 2020

           On October 6, 2020, the Provincial People's Committee issued Directive No. 20 / CT-UBND on strengthening the management, reusing, recycling, treatment and minimization of plastic waste in the province.

          According to the Directive, to continue strengthening the management, reusing, recycling, treatment and minimization of plastic waste to protect the ecological environment and the health of the people in the province and strictly implement the Directive No. 33 / CT-TTg dated 20/8/2020 by the Prime Minister on strengthening the management, reusing, recycling, treatment and minimization of plastic waste, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee requests the Heads of the provincial departments, agencies, branches and unions, Chairmen of the People's Committees of districts, towns and city to issue plans to minimize, classify, collect, reuse, recycle and treat plastic waste in the industry, fields and areas under management; complete before October 30, 2020, send to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to synthesize and report to the Provincial People's Committee; in which, focusing on directing and requesting to carry out a number of specific activities as follows:

          - Cadres, Party members, civil servants, officials and employees in the agency or unit must be exemplary and pioneering in minimizing plastic waste; minimize the use of disposable plastic products (including persistent plastic bags, plastic packaging, food-grade foam containers, plastic bottles, straws, cups, plates, ...) ; use reusable bags and packages when shopping; use products for repeated use and the ones friendly with the environment in daily activities, ... create effects to spread the movement "Anti plastic waste" in the province.

- Exemplary agencies and units that take the lead in minimizing plastic waste; not use plastic banners, slogans, document bags, plastic straws, disposable plastic bottles ... in conferences, seminars, meetings, holidays, anniversaries, other events and activities at office and workplace; replace with glass, chinaware, or porcelain cups; replace plastic banners with television screens, screens, led screens and paper letters; prioritize the selection of recycled and environmentally friendly products.

          - To propagandize and train to raise awareness for civil servants, officials and employees in agencies and units on sorting, collecting and minimizing plastic waste; take  responsibility for encouraging relatives and communities to limit or not use disposable plastic products in daily activities.

- To set trash cans to classify waste at the agency or unit; plastic waste and other recyclable waste (paper, plastic, metal, rubber, nylon, glass) must not be mixed with biodegradable organic waste (leftovers, leaves, vegetables, tubers, fruits, carcasses). To encourage the performance of organic waste treatment right at the agency and unit.

          Department of Natural Resources and Environment: Coordinates with provincial and local departments, agencies, branches and mass organizations to organize propaganda and communication activities to raise public awareness about the harmful effects of plastic waste and plastic bags, which are difficult to decompose to the ecological environment; form people's awareness and habits of minimizing plastic waste, not use plastic bags and disposable plastic products; discover, disseminate and request competent authorities to award prizes for models, solutions and initiatives on minimizing, classifying, collecting, recycling and treating plastic waste; carry out movements, effectively apply models of anti-plastic waste, minimizing plastic waste, classifying and collecting plastic waste in the province. To closely supervise the use, production and recycling of imported plastic scrap in accordance with the law on environmental protection. To operate effectively, advise the Provincial People's Committee to increase the capacity of Di Su waste incinerator in My Hao town; coordinate with the People's Committees of districts to speed up investment and operation of centralized waste treatment zones, and minimize environmental pollution caused by waste. To strengthen inspection and guide production, business and service establishments to effectively reduce waste, including plastic waste, collect and classify waste at source, reuse, recycle and handle waste.

          In addition, the Directive also specifies the tasks in the management, reusing, recycling, treatment and reduction of plastic waste of a number of departments, branches and units as follows: the Department of Industry and Trade; Department of Finance; Department of Agriculture and Rural Development; Department of Education and Training; Department of Science and Technology; Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Department of Health; provincial socio-political organizations; Hung Yen Newspaper, Provincial Radio and Television Station; the People's Committees of districts, towns and city.


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