The Plan to implement the Government's Resolution 128 / NQ-CP dated September 11, 2020 on the tasks and solutions to promote the development of key economic region.

Published on 08 - 10 - 2020

On October 6, 2020, the Provincial People's Committee issued the Plan No. 126 / KH-UBND on the implementation of Resolution 128 / NQ-CP dated September 11, 2020 of the Government on tasks and solutions to promote the development of key economic region.

Accordingly, the purpose of the Plan is to: ensure the close cohesion between economic development and environmental protection, ensure social security, order, and safety and firmly consolidate the national defense and people security, contribute to creating the driving force for the overall development of the province and the region; enhance the linkage of key economic region to bring into full play the available potentials and advantages to take advantage of opportunities for the socio-economic development of the province in general and the key economic region in particular; clearly define an effective coordination mechanism for the Northern key economic region, a close linkage mechanism among sectors and fields, clear linkage and assignment of tasks among localities in the region and human resources meeting requirements in the new development situation; mobilize to the utmost available resources of the province and the key economic region of the North to complete the inter-regional infrastructure, especially the transport one.

The goal of the Plan is to exploit and bring into full play the province's potentials, comparative advantages, innovation and creativity in regional integration activities based on the principle of harmony of interests, responsibilities, equality and cooperation for mutual development.

The point of view to orient the development contents of the Northern key economic region is: Renew thinking, create and arouse the desire to rise strongly, promote self-reliance and identify breakthrough factors to strive for growth, develop rapidly and sustainably, practically contribute to the realization of regional development aspiration of the whole country; proactively coordinate and propose competent authorities to issue solutions on mechanisms and policies on regional linkage coordination to boost the linkage of the Northern key economic region to ensure proactiveness, efficiency and association with the task of ensuring national defense and security, maintaining political stability and social order and safety in key economic region, actively coordinate to review and adjust the planning of branches, fields and products of the province to ensure conformity with the general planning of the Northern key economic region; in the period of 2021-2025, to coordinate in the implementation of inter-regional traffic and irrigational projects, the important large-scale ones with positive spillover effects, flood control, water storage and adaptation to climate change projects for infrastructure development of the Northern key economic region; coordinate in the development of the agriculture, industry, trade and service sectors in accordance with the province's specific characteristics and comparative advantages according to the development orientation of the general branches and fields of the Northern key economic region; enhance the roles and responsibilities of the heads of agencies and organizations in coordinating and linking economic development among localities in the region and inter-region.

The plan sets out 6 specific tasks and solutions: Developing and implementing the plan; mobilizing resources for development and investment; training and using employees; regional databases and information systems; the coordination mechanism for the Northern key economic region; restructuring branches and fields./.

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