To supervise the implementation of policies and laws on environmental protection and response to climate change in the province.

Published on 11 - 10 - 2020

On October 9, the Supervisory Delegation of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee led by Comrade Phung Khanh Tai, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee, had a working session to supervise the implementation of policies and laws on environmental protection and response to climate change in the province from 2014 to present. The delegation was received by and worked with following comrades: Mrs. Pham Thi Tuyen, Member of the Provincial Standing Committee, Head of the Provincial Party Committee for Mass Mobilization, Chairwoman of the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee; Mr. Bui The Cu, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee; Mr. Do Xuan Sang, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Council.

The delegates at the monitoring session

To implement the Law on Environmental Protection 2014 and documents guiding the implementation of the Law on Environmental Protection, over the past time, the management of environmental protection in the province has been concerned with many synchronous measures and solutions. According to the solid waste management plan in the province by 2025, the whole province has 5 centralized waste treatment zones. Up to now, two centralized solid waste treatment areas have been put into operation. In addition, a number of solid waste treatment projects with incineration technology in some districts and towns are invested and put into operation; the whole province has 329 landfills, 145 collection points of domestic waste are invested and built. According to the statistics, domestic solid waste generated in the province is about 700 - 900 tons / day. Currently, the total amount of domestic solid waste, which has been collected and treated is about 76% of the generated waste.

From 2014 up to now, functional departments in the province have inspected, examined and resolved letters and complaints against 1,481 units and organizations on the observance of the law on natural resources and environment. Thereby, a record has been made and passed to the competent authority to sanction administrative violations for 865 units and organizations with the amount of more than 47 billion VND.

Regarding climate change response, the province has issued many documents directing the effective implementation of the response to climate change in the province; performed many projects to respond to climate change, including the ones on the construction of dykes and pumping stations ...

At the working session, the supervisory delegation asked the province to clarify the contents related to the formulation of provincial environmental protection planning associated with the local socio-economic development; the selection of units to collect, transport and treat waste; the waste classification and treatment in households; the solutions to the illegal mineral exploitation in a number of localities in the province; the performance of environmental monitoring; treatment of environmental pollution in the craft villages...

The above-mentioned issues have been specifically answered by leaders of related departments and agencies.

Speaking at the working session, Mr. Bui The Cu, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee said: Over the past time, Hung Yen has carried out many measures to promote the socio-economic development. The environmental pollution in the process of socio-economic development is necessary to pay attention and handle so the province has implemented many measures to ensure environmental sanitation. However, at present, the environmental sanitation in the province still has some shortcomings and limitations. In the coming time, the province will continue to synchronously perform solutions to ensure environmental sanitation, focus on raising people's awareness of environmental sanitation work; build and upgrade a number of rural domestic waste and wastewater treatment projects. The Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee hoped that, after the monitoring period, the supervisory delegation proposed to the Prime Minister and functional agencies to soon have a plan to deal with environmental pollution in Bac Hung Hai river. Based on the opinions of the delegation's members, the province will absorb and put it into the environmental protection plan in the province in the coming time.

Concluding the working session, Mr. Phung Khanh Tai, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee, acknowledged and appreciated the provincial leaders' attention to environmental protection and response to climate change. At the same time, it is suggested that, in the coming time, the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People's Council and the Provincial People's Committee will continue to pay attention to the implementation of the Party's guidelines and policies and the State's laws related to environmental protection and response to climate change associated with the local socio-economic development. To step up propaganda and popularization to raise awareness of all levels, sectors, businesses and people about natural resources and environment. Along with that, to well carry out the environmental protection planning, in which paying attention to the collection of waste and domestic wastewater, applying high technology in waste treatment to not form hot spots on environment. To continue to carry out the inspection and examination, and at the same time publicize the results after the inspection and examination so that people can know and participate in monitoring the implementation of environmental protection; take an interest in the administrative procedures reform in the field of natural resources and environment ...

Regarding the proposals and recommendations of the province, the delegation noted and submitted to the competent authority for consideration, supplementation and completion of legal documents in accordance with the central regulations and local reality. 


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