The 20th anniversary of the re-establishment of Khoai Chau district

Published on 28 - 08 - 2019

On August 27, Khoai Chau district solemnly celebrated the 20th anniversary of its re-establishment (1.9.1999 - 1.9.2019) and received the Prime Minister's Certificate of Merit. The conference drew the attendance of Mr. Nguyen Van Phong, Deputy Party Secretary, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, comrades in the Provincial Standing Committee, Standing Committee of the People's Council, leaders of the provincial People's Committee, the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee; former provincial and district leaders through periods, representatives of Vietnamese Heroic Mothers and old revolutionaries...

Delegates attended the conference

After 20 years of re-establishment, Khoai Chau district has gained many achievements in all fields. The average annual economic growth rate is 11%, the budget revenue increases more than 111 times. The economic structure has shifted positively towards increasing the proportion of industry, handicrafts, trade and services and reducing the proportion of agriculture. Currently, the​​ trees as the specialties and strengths of the district cover an area of over 3.5 thousand ha, the average income per hectare of cultivated land increases 6.48 times as compared to 1999. Many models of crop restructuring get high income, from VND 500 million to over VND 1 billion / ha / year.

Up to now, there are 22/24 communes meeting new rural standards, the district has basically fulfilled the criteria of new rural district. The infrastructure in the district is invested and upgraded synchronously, contributing to improving the production efficiency and promoting the advantages of each region and each industry.

Socio-cultural fields have made great progress. Up to now, there are 37/75 schools reaching the national standards. The protection and health care for people have been improved. Social security activities are guaranteed, the material and spiritual life of people is improved. The rate of poor households reduces to less than 3%. The task of ensuring security, order and national defense – local military is carried out comprehensively.

Under the authorization of the Prime Minister, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phong awarded the Prime Minister's Certificate of Merit to people and officials of Khoai Chau district.

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Nguyen Van Phong, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, praised the achievements in the 20-year period of construction and development of Khoai Chau district. He requested that in the coming time, Khoai Chau district should continue to promote the tradition of solidarity, dynamic spirit, innovation and creativity, accelerate the economic growth rate and sustainable development, and effectively exploit the resources for development and investment; well manage and implement the approved plans. To synchronously carry out the programs and projects on the agricultural development towards the industrialization and modernization associated with building a new countryside. To increase the investment in infrastructure for all levels of education, improve the education quality in the district; well conduct the health care for people and social security; promote the socialization of physical training and sports activities. To focus the resources on developing eco-tourism and spiritual tourism infrastructure on the basis of mobilizing social resources to develop cultural and sports services. To strengthen the political and ideological work, continue to thoroughly grasp and effectively implement the Resolutions of the Central Government and the province on building and regulating the Party...

On this occasion, under the authorization of the Prime Minister, Mr. Nguyen Van Phong, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, awarded the Prime Minister's Certificate of Merit to people and officials of Khoai Chau district for their achievements in the work, contributing to building the socialism and protecting the Fatherland.

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