Hung Yen promotes the agricultural product consumption

Published on 26 - 07 - 2019

On July 25, the provincial People's Committee held a conference on the agricultural product consumption promotion in Hung Yen province in 2019. The conference drew the attendance of: Mr. Doan Van Hoa, Member of the Provincial Standing Committee, Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Mr. Nguyen Minh Quang, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee.

In 2019, a number of key trade promotion activities have been implemented and contributed to promoting the consumption of agricultural products and goods of the province such as: The conference on the promotion of consumption of pigs safely held at Hung Yen city; Hung Yen province's longan – farm produce week 2019 in Hanoi; Hung Yen orange market held at Ecopark.

The signing ceremony of the MoU on the cooperation in agricultural product consumption promotion

In the coming time, the province proposes a number of key solutions to boost the agricultural product consumption in the province such as: Consolidating and developing the domestic market; expanding export market; providing the information on connecting, accessing and expanding markets; strengthening the communication and product advertisement; improving the quality of agricultural products to meet the safety standards...

In particular, it is proposed to put Hung Yen longan and some typical agricultural products of the province to participate in the programs to introduce and propagate safe food and regional specialties at the distribution systems of provinces and cities. To connect and coordinate with Vietnamese commercial counselors in foreign countries to select and participate in a number of international agricultural product consumption and trade promotion events to connect and seek new market. To build brands, product packaging and geographical indications for the province's agricultural products. To continue to promote the effectiveness of the application of stamp to trace the origin of agricultural products to protect the brand, affirm the quality and reputation of Hung Yen agricultural products with consumers...

Speaking at the conference, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Nguyen Minh Quang suggested that localities in the province should consider trade promotion as the responsibility of the Party Committee and authorities to seek the solutions to consume local agricultural products; step up the guidance, transfer the process and technical progress of intensive farming, caring, harvesting and preservation of agricultural products; facilitate businesses to build brands; complete the construction of the province's commercial trading floor and at the same time support enterprises and production establishments to access and advertise agricultural products on the trading floor. Gardeners, farm owners and individual producers must actively link to create a chain from production to consumption and build the brands, keep the credibility in the relationship among producers, partners and consumer businesses...

At the conference, the signing ceremony of the MoU on the cooperation in agricultural product promotion and consumption among gardeners, farm owners and production establishments in the province with distribution enterprises, trade centers and domestic retail supermarkets was held.


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