It is necessary to have a preferential mechanism to attract businesses to invest in tourism in Hung Yen

Published on 09 - 07 - 2019

To celebrate the 59th anniversary of the Vietnam Tourism Day (July 9, 1960 - July 9, 2019), on July 8, Hung Yen Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism held a talk-show to meet tourism businesses in the province.

The talk-show drew the attendance of Mr. Do Tien Sy, Member of the Party Central Committee, Provincial Party Secretary, Head of the Provincial Delegation of National Assembly; Mr. Doan Van Hoa, Member of the Provincial Standing Committee, Director of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, Head of the Steering Committee for provincial tourism.

At the talk-show, leaders of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism said that Hung Yen tourism has made an important contribution to the economic growth, preserving and promoting cultural values. The number of tourists coming to Hung Yen is increasing.

In 2018, Hung Yen has welcomed 900 thousand visitors, the tourism revenue has reached 200 billion VND. In the first 6 months of this year, tourists coming to Hung Yen have reached 670 thousand turns, contributing 170 billion VND to the province's economy.

Provincial Party Secretary Do Tien Sy recognized and praised the efforts that Hung Yen tourism officials have achieved recently. At the same time, he hoped that in the coming time, Hung Yen tourism would make more differences to attract tourists.

Provincial Party Secretary Do Tien Sy delivered a speech at the talk-show

Provincial Party Secretary said that to do well the planning of tourism development in Hung Yen, it is necessary to have a management and incentive mechanism to call for investment attraction into tourism. Socialization and training of human resources for tourism in Hung Yen need to be strengthened. It is necessary to create a highlight and the attractiveness of tourism in Hung Yen. The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism should give guideline to establish the Hung Yen tourism and hotel association.

In the framework of the talk-show, tourism enterprises in the province have given practical suggestions to attract tourists to Hung Yen.

Speaking at the conclusion of the talk-show, Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung asked the culture, sports and tourism sector to submit to the provincial People's Committee for the issuance of a decision on building a preferential mechanism to attract investors into the tourism, especially the capital to build the infrastructure, mobilize businesses to participate in tourism promotion activities.


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