Responding to the World Environment Day

Published on 06 - 06 - 2019

On June 5, a conference to respond to the World Environment Day in 2019 was held at the Provincial Convention Center. The conference saw the attendance of Mr. Bui The Cu, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee.

At the conference

The World Environment Day was founded by the United Nations General Assembly in Stockholm, Sweden on June 5, 1972 with the aim of focusing the world's attention on the importance of the environment and encouraging the political attention and environmental protection action. In 2019, the theme of World Environment Day is "Air pollution and our actions". In our province, through many activities of propaganda, dissemination and education on environmental protection, especially activities to respond to the World Environment Day have created a strong and positive change in the awareness and action of environmental protection. To date, nearly 100% of waste in the residential areas have been collected and transported for disposal; the proportion of domestic waste collected and treated is about 75%; 90% of production and business establishments newly coming into operation meet the requirements on environmental protection; 100% of industrial parks meet environmental protection requirements; nearly 100% of hazardous wastes are treated, destroyed and buried safely; 15 units installed the automatic and continuous wastewater and emissions monitoring systems...

The conference took time for participants to discuss and comment on the propaganda content on the classification and treatment of organic waste at households; signed a commitment between the Department of Natural Resources and Environment with departments, agencies, branches, unions of the province, the People's Committees of districts, city and towns to participate in the movement "Anti-plastic waste".

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Bui The Cu, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee asked the departments, agencies, unions and localities to join hands to agree on environmental protection actions. The classification and treatment of organic waste in households and anti-plastic waste should be propagandized to change the awareness and habits in production and daily activities.

In order to effectively perform the environmental protection, the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee noted that it is necessary to regularly check and evaluate what is good and not good in the classification and treatment of organic waste at households to change the propaganda, access and guide the effective implementation for people. It is necessary to drastically direct, guide and raise the sense of responsibility of each cadre, civil servants, employee and people in classifying and handling organic waste at households to achieve the target that by 2020, 50% of households in the province effectively classify and treat organic waste at households. Districts, cities and towns urgently sign the commitment to fight against plastic waste in the area. The Management Board of the Industrial Parks of the province signs the commitment to fight against plastic waste for enterprises in the province's industrial parks; to change the habit of using plastic, plastic products in production and daily activities...


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