The ceremony to open the route and bridge connecting Thai Binh and Hung Yen provinces

Published on 30 - 12 - 2019

On December 28, in Hung Ha district (Thai Binh), the People's Committees of Thai Binh and Hung Yen provinces held a ceremony to officially put into use the inter-provincial route linking ring road 5 of Hanoi with Highway 38B and the Hanoi - Hai Phong Expressway and La Tien Bridge.

The ceremony drew the attendance of Mr. Tran Quoc Vuong, Member of the Politburo, standing members of the Party Central Committee Secretariat, members of the Central Executive Committee: Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung, Minister of Planning and Investment; Mr. Do Tien Sy, Provincial Party Secretary, Head of the Provincial Delegation of the National Assembly; Mr. Nguyen Hong Dien, Provincial Party Secretary, Chairman of Thai Binh provincial People's Council; Mr. Ngo Dong Hai, alternate member of the Central Executive Committee, Permanent Deputy Secretary of Thai Binh Provincial Party Committee; Mr. Nguyen Van Phong, Deputy Party Secretary, Chairman of Hung Yen provincial People's Committee; Mr. Dang Trong Thang, Deputy Party Secretary, Chairman of Thai Binh provincial People's Committee; representatives of the Ministry of Transport; departments, agencies and branches of Hung Yen and Thai Binh provinces.

Delegates cut the ribbon to inaugurate the road and La Tien bridge

The inter-provincial route linking ring road 5 of Hanoi with Highway 38B and the Hanoi - Hai Phong Expressway, of which the project has a total length of 7.8km, La Tien Bridge is more than 1 km long, the road to Thai Binh province is 5.6 km long, and the road to Hung Yen province is 1.2 km long.

La Tien Bridge is built permanently with reinforced concrete, the cross-section of the bridge is 12m wide, including two motor lanes and two rudimentary lanes. The bridge has 22 spans, including the main bridge consisting of three spans of reinforced concrete box; on the Thai Binh side, there are six spans and Hung Yen has 13 spans. The two ends of the bridge are designed entirely according to the standards of the plain grade III road, the width of the road being 12m, the road surface being 7 m wide, and the designed speed is 80km/h

The project has a total investment capital of about VND 680 billion, which is funded by government bonds, local budget and other lawfully mobilized capital.

Delegates took a souvenir photo on La Tien Bridge

This is an important work to create a thorough route and connect two provinces of Thai Binh and Hung Yen, connect the expressways and national highways with traffic axes towards the center of Thai Binh city and the Red River Delta provinces, gradually complete the transportation network as planned; ensure the traffic safety and improve transport capacity, create industrial and urban development spaces, and facilitate the socio-economic development; link the Luoc river dike with the national highways 38B and 39, ensure the rescue, salvage and prevention of natural disasters in the rainy season...

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