High-growth industrial production

Published on 27 - 11 - 2019

Implementing the goals of the Resolutions of the 18th Provincial Party Congress and the Resolution No. 07-NQ / TU dated 4.10.2016 of the Provincial Executive Party Committee, session XVIII on "Program for developing industry - handicraft in the 2016-2020 period, with an orientation toward 2025 ”, after more than 4 years of implementation, the industrial development targets have achieved good results.

The production line of Stroman Hung Yen plastic pipe factory (Van Lam)

According to the Department of Industry and Trade's assessment, in 2016, the industrial production value reached more than 98.3 trillion VND, up 9.05% as compared to 2015; in 2017 it attained over VND 107.7 trillion, seeing an increase of 9.54% as compared to 2016; in 2018, it reached more than VND 119 trillion, up 10.9% as compared to 2017. The industrial production index under the target of the Resolution of the 18th Provincial Party Congress increased by 9.5-10% / year, in 2016, it reached 9.05%, in 2017, it attained 9.54%; in 2018, it reached 9.8%; In the first 10 months of 2019, the industrial production index reached 11.4%. Thus, the industrial production index has exceeded the target set by the Resolution.

To carry out three breakthroughs in: To develop programs, projects, plannings and plans; focus on attracting investment to develop high-tech, high value-added and modern industries; in order to improve the quality of human resources, Department of Industry and Trade has effectively implemented many programs, schemes, planning and plans. In the difficult context of attracting investment capital, due to the impact of the global economic crisis in the previous period, but from 2016 to now, the province has annually attracted hundreds of investment projects. More and more completed projects are put into operation, making an important contribution to the province's economic growth at a fairly good level as compared to the whole country, and at the same time increasing the provincial budget revenue, promoting the economic structure transfer towards increasing the proportion of industry and construction. Many projects with large investment capital and advanced technologies of corporations and enterprises with domestic and foreign brands and reputations are able to contribute significantly to the budget such as: The air conditioner production project of Daikin Air Conditioning Vietnam Joint Stock Company with the total registered capital of USD 82.5 million; the sanitary equipment and accessories production project of ToTo Vietnam Co., Ltd. with the total registered capital of 281 million USD; the project of printed circuit board factory for electronic devices of Mektec Manufacturing Vietnam Co., Ltd. with the total registered capital of USD 100 million; the milk processing factory project of Nutifood Vietnam Nutrition Food Joint Stock Company with a total registered capital of over VND 1,600 billion; the galvanized corrugated iron sheet factory project of Hoa Phat One Member Co., Ltd. with the total registered capital of VND 2,400 billion ...

Thang Long Industrial Park II attracts many high-tech investment projects

In order to contribute to improving the quality of human resources for the field of industrial production, from 2016 to the end of October this year, the Department of Industry and Trade has directed the Center for Industrial and Trade Promotion to organize dozens of labor training courses in some businesses. Through training, it has helped laborers improve skills and labor productivity, serving the development of production and business of enterprises. Department of Industry and Trade has organized over 20 training conferences to disseminate the knowledge about international economic integration, food safety, economical and efficient use of energy, e-commerce ...

Mr. Nguyen Van Tho, Director of Department of Industry and Trade, said that the Resolutions of the 18th Provincial Party Congress set a goal to strive to 2020, the annual industrial production index increases by 9.5-10%. / year, in the period of 2016-2020, it reaches over 9.5%; the average growth of industrial production value attains 9.56% / year, by 2020, it will reach over VND 140 trillion. In order to achieve and exceed the above targets, in the coming time, the Industry and Trade sector will focus on implementing a number of tasks and solutions as “Reviewing the mechanisms, policies and regulations of the province related to industrial and handicrafts development, especially the provisions on the support and encouragement of investment, production and business of enterprises to supplement and adjust in accordance with the practical situation. Reconstructing the list of the projects calling for investment attraction, with the priority arrangement associated with investment support policies for each group. Particularly, to focus on searching, mobilizing and attracting investors to build and trade in infrastructure of planned industrial parks and industrial clusters, large projects with the high technology content, making great contributions to the budget and environment friendly. To build a database of supporting industry enterprises in the province; regularly organize the activities of connecting supply and demand among the enterprises inside and outside the province in order to create good conditions for enterprises to gain more information and advantages in finding partners to form the effective production - distribution chain. To continue to accelerate administrative reforms, cut at least 30% of the handling time for all administrative procedures related to investment, production and business of enterprises. To review, adjust, supplement and build new industrial, industrial parks, industrial clusters and supporting industries development planning.

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