Hung Yen: The rate of sending and receiving electronic documents among state agencies at provincial and district levels is about 90%.

Published on 18 - 11 - 2019

On November 15, the Government Office held a teleconference to summarize the 1-year implementation of the Prime Minister's Decision No. 28/2018 / QD-TTg dated 12/7/2018 on sending and receiving electronic documents among agencies in the State administrative system (the Decision No. 28/2018 / QD-TTg). At the Hung Yen destination, the conference saw the attendance of Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee.

At the conference at the Hung Yen destination

To implement the Decision No. 28/2018 / QD-TTg, 95/95 units of ministries, branches, localities and the Party Central Office have connected, sent and received electronic documents at two levels with National e-Document Exchange Platform; 64 ministries, branches and localities have sent and received electronic documents at three levels.

From December 12, 2019 to September 30, 2019, there are a total of more than 163.1 thousand documents sent and more than 488.1 thousand ones received on the National e-Document Exchange Platform. There are 63/95 agencies that have upgraded the official document management and administration software. The network information security monitoring for the National e-Document Exchange Platform is focused on implementation. 84/95 ministries, branches and localities have integrated digital signature of the Government into the document management and administration system.

In Hung Yen province, after 1 year of sending and receiving electronic documents, up to now, 100% of administrative agencies from provincial to communal levels and attached units have been issued the identification codes to exchange the information on network. There are 717 specialized digital certificates issued to organizations and individuals in the province. 100% of state agencies in the province have applied document management and administration software.

The percentage of documents exchanged among the provincial People's Committee, the Government and state administrative agencies in the province completely in electronic form reaches 100%; the percentage of documents exchanged among provincial departments, branches, agencies and district-level People's Committees completely in electronic form reaches about 90% ...

Up to now, 100% of the boards, departments, branches and the People's Committees of the district have been granted the digital certificates by the Government Cipher Committee to the archives and unit’s leaders; 100% of the communal People's Committees in the province will be issued the digital certificates to send and receive documents.

At the conference, the participants' comments focused on the solutions to improve the quality of sending and receiving electronic documents and propose some difficulties and obstacles in the process of deploying the sending and receiving electronic documents.

Speaking at the Hung Yen destination, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Nguyen Duy Hung requested, in the future, the departments, agencies, branches and localities should be serious and continue to effectively implement the Decision No. 28. / 2018 / QD-TTg. To ensure the technical infrastructure and solutions for the smooth connection among the provincial document management, the administration system and National e-Document Exchange Platform; upgrade the provincial shared document management and administration system to receive electronic documents among agencies in the state administrative system; regularly organize training on the use of document management and administration system, propagandize and popularize to raise awareness and knowledge of the benefits of sending and receiving electronic documents and the application of digital signature in the operation of state agencies. The Department of Information and Communications follows the roadmap of advising the provincial People's Committee to urge and direct departments, branches and localities to achieve high results.

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