Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phong checks and works with Yen My District Standing Committee

Published on 31 - 10 - 2019

On October 30, Mr. Nguyen Van Phong, Deputy Party Secretary, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee had a working session with Yen My District Standing Committee on the performance of the socio-economic development plan and the Party building from the beginning of the 13th Provincial Party Congress to now and the objectives, tasks and solutions to the end of the term. The working session drew the attendance of Ms. Pham Thi Tuyen, Member of the Provincial Standing Committee, Head of the Provincial Party Committee for Mass Mobilization, Chairman of the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee.

At the working session

According to the report of Yen My District Standing Committee, by June this year, 16 targets of the district have been reached and exceeded the congress’s targets and plans set out, typically the ones on economic growth, the number of communes completing new rural construction, the budget collection...

5 targets are expected to reach the plan set out  by 2020; one target on agricultural growth is difficult to achieve, the main reason is that the area of ​​agricultural land is gradually narrowed to reserve for industrial development.

The Party building work is always interested by the Party Committee. Through annual evaluation and classification, an average of 49.5% of party organizations reaches the clean and strong standards and 85.5% of the party members successfully complete their tasks. Since the beginning of the term, the district has admitted 528 new party members. The work of planning, training, fostering, promoting and appointing officials is performed promptly, ensuring the publicity and democracy. The inspection, supervision and enforcement of discipline within the Party continue to be concerned and respected.

Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phong checks the progress of traffic works in Yen My district

In implementing the Central Resolution No. 6, term XII Congress, the district has reduced 15 deputy heads; and implemented the policy of Head  of the District Party Committee for Propaganda and Education cum the Director of the District Political Training Center. The Secretary of the Party Committee cum the Chairman of the People's Council at the same level is being implemented at district level; 14/17 communes and towns have completed; there are 2 communes that Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee also works as the Chairman of the People's Council. The Secretary of the Party Committee also works as the Chairman of People's Committee at the same level in 2 communes. After the rearrangement, the number of part-time officials working at communal level decreased by 76 people, reduced 156 associations and unions...

From now till the end of the term, the district continues to lead, direct and promote effectively in the performance of tasks, targets and plans that have been achieved and exceeded. For the targets that have not been attained, the district focuses on leading, directing and maintaining and further improving the development speed to complete the set targets.

After listening to the report, representatives of the provincial departments, agencies and sectors have asked Yen My District Standing Committee to clarify the contents of the report, and at the same time provided some solutions for the district leaders to well complete the socio-economic development targets and plans and the Party building work from now to the end of the term.

Speaking at the working session, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phong requested that, in the future, Yen My district should continue to promote its potentials and advantages, pay attention to traffic development, well carry out the planning and land management, build industrial urban area and services associated with the construction and development of workers' and social housing, build cultural institutions and amusement parks... To continue leading to improve the quality of new rural criteria, minimize environmental pollution, ensure security, traffic safety, and handle citizens' letters; pay attention to labor training, health care, spiritual and cultural life for people... strive to become a town under the province.

Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phong asked Yen My district to continue performing well the Party and political system building work associated with raising the effectiveness and efficiency of state management at all levels, striving to complete the targets of the resolutions of the Party congress at all levels for the term 2015 - 2020, and at the same time prepare carefully to organize the party congress at grassroots, the District Party Congress, term 2020 - 2025, toward the 19th Provincial Party Congress...

On the same day, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phong checked the construction progress of a number of roads, industrial parks and clusters, urban areas and new residential areas in the district. Through the examination, he directed and commented on adjusting some items of works and projects to ensure the beauty and efficiency of use.


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