DOAN NO (1393 - 1439)

Published on 06 - 08 - 2018

Doan No is native to Co Na, also called Ke Nua, now in Tan Ninh commune, Trieu Son district, Thanh Hoa. According to the genealogy of the Doan family, since the Ly dynasty, there have been high-level mandarins who were the descendants of the Doan family.

His tomb and temple in Phuong Chieu

Doan Quyet, Doan No’s father, was a mandarin in the court and Doan No was born in 1393.

When the Minh enemy invaded, people in Co Na were killed, 18 people escaped, including Doan No.

When Le Loi rose up in arms at Lam Son, Doan No soon joined in the insurgents. In 1425, he and Tran Nguyen Han brought the troops to hit Tan Binh, Thuan Hoa successfully and expanded the land to the south.

In 1426, when the insurgents came to Dong Do, he was present in the southern wing.

When the revolution won, Doan No ranked in the top of 52 good generals and was appointed as the high-level mandarin.

In 1431, he helped the king to put out the enemy in the northwest.

After the war, he served as the governor of Son Nam in Huong Chieu, Tien Lu (now Phuong Chieu commune, Tien Lu district).

In 1439, he died in Phuong Chieu and was buried there. There are still his tombs and shrines in Phuong Chieu.



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