DAO NUONG (XV century)

Published on 06 - 08 - 2018

Her real name is Dao Thi Hue, from Dao Dang village, Tien Lu district, Khoai Chau (now Dao Dang village, Trung Nghia commune, Hung Yen town). At that time, the girls of Dao Dang village had good reputation; she was good at studying and singing, dancing, her talents were well-known in the region.

When she was 18 years old, the Minh dynasty invaded our country and killed people. She was hatred of the enemy and discussed with villagers to find the way of killing them. Thanks to her talents, the enemy believed and respected to her, they often went to her restaurant to eat, drink and then fell asleep.

Her temple at Trung Nghia commune, Hung Yen city

At that time, Hung Yen area was also a swamp with a lot of reed and countless mosquitoes. Invaders were not familiar with terrains and often died of diseases caused by mosquitoes. Due to the fear of cold and being bitten by mosquitoes, they made sleeping bags and depend on her to tie the bags at night and open them in the next morning. When they were asleep, she and villagers carried the bags to throw into the river and the water washed them away to the sea. Every night, the number of troops lost more and more for unknown reason, they thought that this land was not good so they moved to another place. From then people in the area were peaceful to do business. The villagers set up a temple to worship her and named the village as A Dao. When the king Le Thai To ascended to the throne and knew her story, he appointed her as the Goddess and repaired her temple. Dao Dang village now has her temple and statue. The temple festival is held on the 1st to 6th February (in lunar calendar) every year. She is considered as one of the first founders of the Ca Tru art in our country.


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