NGUYEN GIA CAT (1760 - 1816)

Published on 06 - 08 - 2018

Nguyen Gia Cat, also known as Gia Kiet, from Hoa Cau commune, Van Giang district (now Xuan Cau village, Nghia Tru commune, Van Giang district) and was born in 1760. When he was young, he was very intelligent but playful.

At the age of 26, he passed the doctorate in 1787. In December, 1787, the Tay Son insurgent went to the North, he came to the village to teach.

In 1802, Gia Long ascended to the North, he was appointed as a mandarin. In 1803, he joined Le Quang Dinh and Le Chinh Lo to go to the Qing Dynasty.

He had a reputation for poetry and often joined with the group "Gia Dinh tam gia" (including Le Quang Dinh, Ngo Nhan Tinh, Trinh Hoai Duc). After he was involved in the disclosure of Hoang Ngu Phuc, he was dismissed and detained in prison for 4 years. After being released, he went to the village to open his school and died in 1816.

His works include:

- Hoa trinh thi tap

- Bi nhu quan Phuong trich luc.

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