NGUYEN TUYEN (1872 - 1909)

Published on 08 - 08 - 2018

Nguyen Tuyen was the first child of Nguyen Thien Thuat, born in 1872. When the French colonialists took over Tonkin, he was just 11 years old. Living in a patriotic family, he joined the army very early. When the Bai Say rebellion retreated, Nguyen Thien Thuat came to China, sought for the alliance, he participated in the fight under the command of his uncle Nguyen Thien Ke. When Nguyen Thien Ke was arrested and exiled to Con Dao, the Bai Say insurgent disbanded, the enemy encircled everywhere, he was not discouraged, determined to fight the enemy to keep the country. When the Yen The insurgent was active and strong, he came to Bac Giang to join with them and used by Hoang Hoa Tham. Due to his good education and his strong will, he soon became one of the brave generals of Yen The insurgent.

In a battle, the enemy came to Luc Ha, a village near the Danh slope (Yen The) and gathered forces to prepare for attacking Phon Xuong, he led the troops and attacked Luc Ha, destroyed many enemy forces, broke the plan of attacking Phon Xuong, reinforced the spirit of soldiers.

In 1908, the French invaders encircled, isolated and continuously attacked Yen The. He withdrew to Ham Lon mountain (Vinh Phuc) and collected troops to support Yen The. The enemy found out and attacked Ham Lon mountain. Due to his severe eye pain and betrayed by Ba Uoc, he was arrested. On 21/3/1909, he was taken to Ban Yen Nhan to guillotine. He remained calm, bringing the mettle of a hero. This image frightened the enemy and respected by people.  

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