Viet Nhat Electronic Co., Ltd produces 100% of details for a lot of consumer goods on its own

Published on 25 - 09 - 2017

In order to improve the quality and brand name of Vietnam, over the past time, Viet Nhat Electronic Co., Ltd located in Vinh Khuc industrial cluster, Van Giang district has invested modern machine and technology to produce 100% of details for many household appliances such as rice cooker, magnetic cooker, and infrared cooker branded SATO.

Viet Nhat Electronic Co., Ltd produces 100% of details for many consumer goods on its own

In the past, many details of products had to be imported from foreign countries, leading to the inability in source goods of enterprises and production plans, product costs increased.

In the two years of 2015 and 2016, the company has invested more than 30 billion VND to improve the technology line in the direction of automation. Machinery has undertaken equal work of about 100 jobs previously by humans.

The defect rate decreased significantly. Production capacity increased more than 2 times, from 300 thousand products per year to 700 thousand products. This helps the company reduce the price of products to compete well with the same ones on the market, especially Chinese goods.


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