Van Giang farmers switch to plant kumquat on the pot

Published on 28 - 09 - 2017

To meet the demand of consumers, this year, a lot of gardeners in Van Giang have moved to plant kumquat on the spot in the form of miniature plants.

Van Giang expanded the planting area of miniature kumquat

Kumquat is planted on the pot and bent, trimmed and made diversified in shape with compact size, easy to display, suitable for narrow housing. After the Lunar New Year, consumers can continue to display and take care it at home.

Mr. Vu Ngoc Quang in Hoang Trach village, Me So commune, one of the first households planting miniature kumquat said that planting this kind of kumquat requires high technique, taking much care and investing much to make the original set. However, it will be used for many years, less risky, no worry to be slump, easy to transport, especially it is planted on the truss so the number of trees increased about five times.

Last year, the average selling price was between VND 300, 000 and several million VND per tree. With more than one hectare of garden, this year, his family planted nearly 4,000 pots, estimated to gain about 1 billion VND. If it is planted in normal way, it will get only about 600 trees.

Currently, Van Giang has tens of garden houses with thousands of pots which are ready to serve the market for Tet holiday.

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