The Master Plans on Socio - Economic Development of Hung Yen Province through 2020

Published on 18 - 06 - 2014

The Master Plans on Socio - Economic Development of Hung Yen Province through 2020 approved by the Prime Minister on the Decision No: 2111/QĐ-TTg

The Plans shall agree with the national socio-economic development Strategy, the Plan of the Red River Delta, the Northern key economic zone and Hanoi capital region to ensure the synchronicity and unity with the Plans of sectors and all fields. To take advantages and potentialities of the local; to exploit and use all the resources in an effective way to maintain the high growth of economy; to concentrate on construction and create breakthroughs in infrastructure, industrial and service development; to pay attention to high technological development in line with new rural construction to develop the socio-economy sustainably in the industrialization and modernization promotion. To develop the economy together with cultural and social development; to develop the socio - economy but still pay attention to natural resources and environmental protection. To enhance the quality of human resources; to pay attention to education and training, scientific and technological development. To cooperate closely between socio-economic development and the guaranty of security, national defence and social safety.

According to the Plans, the average economic growth in the period of 2011-2015 will achieve 12.5% and about 12-13.2 % in the period of 2016-2020; the GDP per capita will reach USD 2.000 in 2015 and USD 4.300 in 2020; the total invested capital in the period of 2011 – 2015 will achieve about 63.8% and 65.9% in the period of 2016 – 2020 in the total increase.

Regarding to the social development, the rate of poor households will reduce at 3% in 2015 (according to the new standard of poverty) and below 3% until 2020; to provide jobs for 2.2 ten thousand employees annually and to raise the rate of labors in educated age at 55% in 2015 and 63 – 67 % in 2020.

Regarding to the environmental protection, until 2015, 97% of urban citizens will use clean water and 94% of rural people will use hygienic water; 85% of production establishments will apply clean technology or use equipments meeting the environmental standards. At the same time, to solve the problems of urban and rural environmental hygiene; food safety and hygiene; environmental protection in industrial zones, tourism places and trade villages and create the harmony between socio-economic development and the ecological environmental protection.

The Plans clarifies the development orientations of sectors and fields. Regarding to agriculture, to develop agriculture completely, effectively and sustainably towards industrialization and modernization together with new rural construction. To develop industry and construction towards modernization to enhance its quality and competition; to give priority to modern and high technological industry development. To develop the traffic system synchronously to connect with Ha Noi capital and the locals in the Northern key economic zones. To build the projects and plans of educational – training development through 2020 and human resources training to serve for the development’s needs of Hung yen, the Red River Delta and the whole country. To make Hung Yen lie in the leading localities in educational – training field of the country. To build Pho Hien University area suiting with the development demand.

According to the Plans, Hung Yen city is the administrative, economic, cultural and social center of the province and to build Hung Yen city meeting the second – level urban area’s criteria before 2020. To make My Hao, Van Giang urban areas and the urban areas owning good economic, technological and social infrastructure become the administrative, economic, cultural, industrial and social center of the district and region in the province. The Plans clarifies the development programs and plans; the preferential invested projects and the measures for the Plans implementation.

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